Role Of Minerals In Our Daily Life


Why Our Body Require Minerals?

Humans need water, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to live on. Special attention should be paid to minerals, because although they perform so many different functions in our body, many people do not know what minerals actually are and what we need them for.

Minerals are involved in life in two ways: The organism needs them as building blocks, for example, for teeth and bones, and they perform important tasks in the body, such as managing many metabolic processes. Below you will learn why minerals are so important to our health.

Definition: What are minerals?

Minerals are inorganic substances and compounds that are vital for humans. The body can not produce it by itself, but needs it for many functions. They have to be fed with the food.

Minerals are subdivided into quantity and trace elements – depending on their occurrence in the human organism. At a concentration of more than 50 milligrams per kilogram of body weight one speaks of quantity elements, otherwise of trace elements.

Importance of minerals in the body

Minerals are of particular importance to our health because they perform many important functions in the body and are involved in a wide variety of processes. Even tiny amounts are justified. Regardless of whether the body structure, its physical structure or in the constantly expiring metabolic processes: Without mineral substances in the long run, nothing works.

An under or over supply of minerals can have fatal consequences. However, the organism has numerous methods to compensate for possible deficiencies first. The same applies to overdoses when they happen for a short time.

Therefore, with reasonable nutrition deficiency symptoms or an oversupply of minerals are very rare. Of course, there are exceptions.

Task And Function Of Minerals

Although minerals are not sources of energy, they probably influence all processes of the metabolism. As enzyme and hormone components, they regulate different processes. Their presence in the organism is vital.

Here Are Some Examples Of The Role Of Various Minerals:

Calcium is a building block for bones and teeth. It has a structural function. The body needs a lot of it, so calcium is one of the quantity elements.

Iron, a trace element, is involved in, among other things, the production of blood pigment (hemoglobin) and oxygen transport. It is also necessary for proteins (enzymes).

The thyroid gland not only needs enzymes for its hormones but also iodine. Its meaning is well known: it controls, for example, the insulin secretion.

The minerals affect each other. Not every function, every effect, every interplay has long since been sufficiently researched to be able to explain it exactly, because only in the balanced totality of all components does the human organism function perfectly.

How To Determine the Right Dose?

For the right dose of minerals, the German Nutrition Society provides advice, which is now supplemented by the European Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs). The recommendations of the daily uses of minerals in everyday life ,doses are only indicative. They cannot be more, because individual metabolic processes play the decisive role. How high the personal need actually is to be optimally cared for is very difficult to define.

Some people have an increased need for minerals and should therefore pay attention to increased intake. For example, athletes need a lot of magnesium, which contributes to the production of energy in the cells.

However, it is not recommended to take additional mineral supplements only on suspicion or out of concern for malnutrition. This may well be – but it is not helpful. There are increasing studies that sow doubt on this practice. So better “keep away” from vitamin and mineral tablets from the supermarket.

How To Recognize Mineral Deficiency?

A lack of minerals is not easy to recognize. It is almost impossible to judge for yourself whether you are sufficiently supplied with all minerals or suffer from a deficiency.

For example, the daily requirement for selenium is given as 30 to 70 μg. No one can control for himself whether he takes this amount through the diet.

Also, there are few signs of well-being that indicate an unhealthy dosage of minerals. Mostly the cause is complex.

How A Proxy Server Works?

proxy server

HTTP access via proxy server

A proxy server, or proxy for short, is used to allow users within a firewall to access the WWW. A proxy server is a special HTTP server that runs either on the firewall machine or on another Internet-based computer within the firewall.

If a client wants to retrieve a document from the WWW server on the Internet within the firewall, it will contact the proxy server. It accepts the request, forwards it to the server outside the firewall, reads the response of the remote server and then sends it back to the requesting client free proxy.

The proxy server acts as both client and server in this type of communication. Compared to the requesting WWW client, it behaves as a WWW server, compared to the remote server as a client.

The client request header is used by the proxy unmodified for its request to the remote server, which causes the WWW client not to lose functionality when using a proxy server.

Because the WWW supports other Internet services, the proxy server is able to act as a gateway to other information servers such as FTP, Gopher, WAIS or news servers. It shows that the communication between client and proxy is always handled via the HTTP protocol.

The proxy communicates with the remote server via the respective protocol, in this case via the FTP protocol. In addition, the proxy server must convert the objects it receives from the remote servers into HTTP objects before sending them back to the WWW client.

By using a proxy server, access to Internet resources can be controlled and restricted. Access control can be based on access method, IP address, or domain name.

This means, for example, that the proxy server only allows some special computers in the local area network to access the Internet in order to prevent unnecessary costs arising from improper or unintentional use of the Internet.

Code Of The HTTP Transaction

In addition, the WWW access behavior of the local users can be analyzed with the help of a proxy server at the Internet transition. The proxy records client transactions for this purpose. An entry in a log file contains, for example, the IP address of the requesting client, date and time, the URL of the requested object, the size of the transmitted data in bytes and the status code of the HTTP transaction.

In addition to these advantages, the use of a proxy server on the firewall machine also has a major disadvantage.

Since the firewall is the only point of attack of the local network in relation to the Internet, as few security-related applications as possible should run on the firewall in order to minimize any potential security gaps.

Because the more extensive a software is, the more likely it is that it contains errors and thus security holes. For example, if the CERN server is used as a proxy server on the firewall machine, it represents a potential attack target from the outside.

How To Transfer To Gatwick Airport?

How to get from Gatwick to London We’ll show you where to get the fastest and cheapest London Gatwick transfer from the airport to central London!

Gatwick Airport in London is one of the busiest airports in the world, with only one runway.

A suitable London Gatwick transfer is essential as the airport is approximately 45 km from the city center. Gatwick Airport is located in the borough of Crowley, south of London.

After Heathrow, it is the second largest airport in London and accordingly heavily frequented. So that you do not go on the airport area, here you will find a map with all the terminals.

By Train To London

Getting from Gatwick Airport to central London is the easiest way to get there. The trains run at regular intervals and you can easily reach London’s city center.

From Gatwick Airport there are several trains that differ in price, duration and destination stations. The Gatwick Express and the Gatwick Train Transfer bring you both easily to the city center. Here you can see all the information and the prices.

gatwick airport

The Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express offers you the fastest way to get to the center of London. There are no stops and the train takes only about 30 minutes. The express runs every 15 minutes every day and always ends at the central London Victoria Station.

There you have direct access to various subway lines and buses. A train ticket costs 17.80 pounds per person (about 22.24 euros). The Gatwick Express is accessible from both the North and South terminals of the airport.The Gatwick Train Transfer

With the Gatwick Train Transfer you can reach London in about 40 minutes. Since there are some on-the-way stations, the trip takes a bit longer.

The train tickets usually cost 11.00 pounds (about 13.73 EUR). The destinations of this London Gatwick transfer are London Bridge, London St. Pancreas, City Thameslink, London Black friars and Elephant & Castle. And of course vice versa.


Gatwick express – Gatwick Express Tickets

Relaxing in London is easy with the Gatwick Express.

It’s best to buy the ticket online in advance, so you’ll save a lot of waiting time at the airport. Here are the advantages of trains at a glance:

About twice as fast and four times cheaper than a taxi

Tickets are valid for Thameslink trains anytime, any day

 London Gatwick bus

There are many buses going from Gatwick Airport to town. We recommend the reliable and cheaper buses of the National Express.

If you book the ticket online in time, you can get the best prices. If you buy the bus ticket on the spot, it may cost a bit more or there may not be any vacant seats available at your time of arrival. The ticket prices for the National Express are around 8 pounds (about 9.98 EUR).

The journey takes about 70 minutes, depending on the traffic. The London Gatwick Bus National Express also goes to the Victoria Coach station in London. In addition, the buses depart from both the North and South Terminals.

Gatwick Transfer – Gatwick Airport

National Express buses run very regularly, about every 20 to 30 minutes.

Gatwick Transfer – By Shuttle

Shuttle service is available to take you from London Gatwick Airport to the hotels in the city. After all, nothing is more pleasant after a longer flight than a shuttle service from the airport directly to the hotel.

The door-to-door cab to Gatwick service makes it easy: just board on the shuttle transfer from London airport and your holiday in London will begin. So that the shuttle can be picked up in time, you should book the transfer ticket online beforehand.

Gatwick Airport Taxi

Taking a taxi directly from Gatwick Airport to central London is certainly the most convenient way.

However, a taxi ride can be very expensive, especially when it comes to traffic jams and you have not negotiated a fixed price. Driving a Black Cab can take up to an hour and costs between 60-100 pounds on average. Converted are about 74-125 euros. The taxi drivers use taxa me.

Web Hosting Simply Explained

cheap reseller hosting

If a user wants to visit your website online, they can go different ways, for example, they can search the site on a search engine or enter the URL directly. But how is it possible that the website is visible and accessible to every user? This is the web hosting responsibility.

What Does Web Hosting Mean?

Web hosting, often called net hosting or website hosting, and is derived from the English verb to host, which means hosting as much as in German. Website hosting would mean translated website hosting accordingly. But how does hosting or hosting a website work?

Every website operator wants his created website to be accessible on the net at any time. Such a permanent accessibility is guaranteed by the web host.

The web host provides the operator with the web space, mostly for a fee. Furthermore, the host often still offers the operator some additional applications.

Such as: E-mail addresses and mailboxes, as well as a corresponding content management system for the creation of the homepage. From a technical point of view the web space and additional services form the infrastructure of the site.

In order to better illustrate the net hosting, a comparison with the rental of apartments is possible. The web host acts in this case as landlord, the website operator as a tenant and the web space represents the apartment.

So the operator rents from the cheap reseller hosting  a certain size of web space. This is provided to the operator at leisure and in return, the host ensures the accessibility of the website on the Internet.

What types of hosting are there?

As each website operator makes different demands on the web host or on the entire website hosting, there are a large number of different types of web hosting.

With shared hosting, a large number of web pages are hosted on one server. These websites share the capacities of the server.
The advantage of shared hosting is that it is very cheap and that it is often very easy to use. The disadvantage, however, is that each site only a limited ability to act and the performance losses can occur when other websites overload the server too much.

Virtual Server / Virtual Dedicated Server is very similar to shared hosting. However, here each homepage owner is assured a piece of the computing power of the server.

Thus, the other web pages of the server have no influence on the performance of the page. Compared to share hosting, the functions and services of the server are improved compared to the website.
In Dedicated Server Hosting, each homepage has its own server. This gives the website operator maximum control over the web server.

For this type of hosting a large amount of know-how about the technical conditions is assumed and the costs increase with increasing performance of the server.

Furthermore, there are several subcategories in this type of hosting. One of them is the managed server. This type allows the operator to completely transfer the management of the server, which includes the maintenance and care, to the web host.

A very recent alternative to these three types of hosting, which is becoming more and more relevant, is cloud hosting. In doing so, the website is stored in the cloud, I. The website is not stored on a physical server, but on a special system of the web host.
The operator only has to pay for the service actually used. Furthermore, the cloud hosting benefits from the very high reliability of the accessibility of the website.

This can be deduced from the fact that the cloud is not dependent on a particular server or a complete data center, but is often networked with a large number of different data centers, so that a failure is almost impossible. By networking the cloud, the cloud hosting has a very high performance.
Apart from web hosting, there are also other hosting options, such as file hosting (for files only), image hosting (only for images), video hosting (video only), etc.

Of course, these hosting forms be combined with the web hosting. Such a combination of hosting types has created web portals such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Sound cloud, etc.

Gain Extra Protection Through Reverse Proxy

Reverse Proxy – The Extra Protection

reverse proxy

Many companies operate their web servers in their own data center. Firewalls have long been standard, as well as DMZ networks that contain only servers that are to be accessible via the Internet.
In addition to the firewall, however, there are many other protections that should not be ignored. These include virus scanners and operating system updates (especially security updates) on the web servers. In this article, I introduce you to another protection mechanism.

The reverse proxy, Proxy server
Proxy systems were originally used as caches to avoid having to download data multiple times from the Internet. This proxy server has stored web pages, images and downloads downloaded by users of a local area network and made them accessible to other users at high speed. In the foreground was not only the download speed, but also the required bandwidth of the external connection of company networks. With increasing bandwidth, proxy servers have become more and more in the background.

Another advantage of a proxy server is that users do not need direct access to the Internet, which provides increased protection against Trojans or malicious software that takes contact from the internal corporate network to the Internet.

Reverse proxy server

A reverse proxy does the same thing as the proxy server, just the reverse. Users from the Internet access the in-house Internet server via the proxy server. Thus, a hardened operating system without additional functionality (database systems, file servers, etc.) can be made available as an access point for Internet users. This avoids the constant security updates on the production systems (which in part also affect their functionality), as Internet users only get access to a reverse proxy server. This then forwards the requests from the Internet to the appropriate internal web server.
Network overview DMZ with reverse proxy
The Reverse Proxy accepts all requests and forwards them to the production systems. Thus, the client never communicates directly with the server.
It certainly makes sense to use different operating systems for reverse proxy and production server.
Extended access control
With the proxy site, further access controls can be made. CMS systems usually have an area for data maintenance that is protected by a password. However, these systems are only ever as secure as the passwords given. To increase access protection, certain paths can only be accessed internally via the proxy server.
For example, if Typo3 is used, the administration path is in most cases With a reverse proxy, access can be controlled so that this administration path can only be reached from the internal network, and not from the Internet.
With a reverse proxy site several internal systems can be made available via the same external IP address. The proxy server then takes over the routing to the corresponding systems. In a next blog article, we will provide you with an example configuration for using a Squid Proxies.

The Ananymity Of The Proxy Server

proxy server

How The Proxy Servers Maintain Their Ananymity

Proxy servers maintain their anonymity when you surf the Web, or unlock videos and information that are not available due to country blocking.

To watch videos locked on YouTube, you need a proxy server that will serve you as a surfer from another country. Even if you do not want to be followed by all sorts of websites while surfing, a proxy server helps maintain your anonymity.

A proxy server can do a lot more. What a proxy server is, how it works, what it does for tasks and when it may well be worthwhile for you to use a proxy server – read on the following pages.

A proxy server is a proxy who shares a communication in two separate calls. Router and proxy server.

While the router connects directly between your home network and a web server, you are anonymous behind a proxy server. Filter content.

A proxy server can manipulate the answers of the web server before passing them on to the PC Anonymization, Dividing a communication into two or more separate calls can also be an advantage for you: The web server sees only the proxy server, but not you.

Proxy Server,  Proxy In The Network 

All the basic technical details about proxy servers and proxy site are explained in the image section of the professional knowledge “proxy server – proxy in the network” . In the following, you will learn what a proxy server actually is and how it can be used at home or in the company.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a proxy in communication with other computers in a network. Substitute because the PC and the server never communicate directly with each other. Instead, the proxy server always acts as the communication partner of the PC and the server and thus becomes part of the communication itself.

PC becomes invisible to the server

Normally a PC sends, if a web page should be opened, the request directly to the server. The server in turn sends the requested website to the PC. PC and server communicate directly with each other.

If, however, a proxy server is used, then the PC sends all its requests to the proxy server and no longer to the web server. The communication to the web server is handled by the proxy server.

He accepts the request from the PC and in turn makes a request to the web server. The answer from the web server initially resumes the proxy server. Then the proxy server turns to the PC and sends it the response received from the web server.

27th January, The Celebration Of Memorial Day

memorial day

Learning from history for the  Memorial Day 

In 1996, Federal President Roman Herzog introduced the 27th of January by proclamation as a German memorial day for the victims of National Socialism.

He chose January 27, the day the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp was liberated in 1945 by Red Army soldiers. In his proclamation, Herzog expressed his concern that the memory of history would fade as more and more eyewitnesses died and could no longer tell their own stories of the terrible past.

The Memorial Day should keep the memory alive so that future generations could learn lessons from it.

The Protection Of Democracy And Law

The content of these teachings is clear: we must protect democracy and law, human rights and the inviolable dignity of the people so that the crimes committed in our country are not repeated.

But how can we prevent these teachings from becoming formulaic in the classroom?

That students have no desire to deal with the subject beyond the horror factor of horror because the moral teachings have already been drawn and nothing remains for them but to understand them?

Open Learning Processes In Holocaust Education

The culture of remembrance must also facilitate open learning processes. Pupils must also be able to learn in Holocaust education and make their own judgments.

For this purpose, students should be able to deal with the forms of our culture of remembrance and evaluate them for themselves: memorial days, memorial sites, wreath laying at the memorial.

Above all, students can find their own forms of memory, by creating a moment, an hour or a day of remembrance.

By tracing biographies of people at the time of National Socialism: how people became persecuted, how people became persecutors,

By introducing their hometown in the time of National Socialism: Where were people marginalized and persecuted? Was there also solidarity and resistance here?

The 27th of January as European and international commemoration day, Another possibility is to look abroad:

How do our European neighbors remember the Holocaust?

What role does this commemoration play worldwide?

While there has been a National Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Holocaust in Israel since 1952, European states and the United Nations did not retreat until after the end of the Cold War.

In line with the German Remembrance Day, the Ministers of Education of the countries represented in the Council of Europe decided in 2002 to commemorate the Holocaust and to prevent crimes against humanity. Most Member States put this anniversary on 27 January.

They agreed that on this day crimes against humanity in school lessons will be discussed. This is what the Council of Europe Materials available about memorial day.

In 2005, both the United Nations and the European Parliament declared January 27 the International Day of Remembrance to Holocausts Victims.

The Quality Juice Extractor

best orange juicer

Juice extractor

There are a few important things you should be aware of when taking a hard fruit. Let me give you brief information about them. While solid juice extractors are generally designed, it is not intended to provide maximum service to the user.

Will notice in Kuvings products, work has been done continuously to obtain maximum efficiency. It is a fact that for the last 10 years it has been chosen as the best solid fruit brand in the world. In 2018, these awards have been maintained and continue to create wonders with the brand new EVO820 series.

Solid fruit has an important place with frequent use before use and guarantee. All Kuvings products have a warranty of 2 years and a full 10 years engine warranty. Let’s go through the review with the order. You can also review what you can do with a Solid fruit juice by reviewing other blog entries and recipes.

First Filling Solid Fruit

A solid fruit should be cleaned naturally with water before the first use. Whatever it is, it is absolutely necessary to clean the fruit juice first, even though the products are not opened at all.

You do not need a lot of room for use. Kuvings protects the place in the kitchen with eye-filling with the aesthetic and elegant design of the hard fruit.

You do not need to make any extra preparations to use Kuvings. In the new models, you can throw away all the fruits and vegetables with the expanded reservoir.

Use of Solid Fruit Juicer

During use, you will be careful to ensure that only fruits and vegetables are washed. Best Orange Juicers,  This is important for your health as well as for the elimination of the oxidations that occur over time on fruits and vegetables.

It is not advisable to throw everything into bin, with the order, you can send the apple to the vat first and then we designed Kuvings products like this when we had an apple in your mouth and we were not working on carrots at the same time.

Solid Fruit Juicer after Use

One of the most important and most advanced parts of all blenders and juicers is the cleaning kit. Thanks to the cleaning kit, cleaning of the device is completed without any effort at all, just like 30 seconds.

If you follow the videos on both our Website and social media, you can find detailed descriptions and visuals about the cleaning kit. We know that time is important and valuable. Especially for housewives and companies (constantly tightening) time and cleaning is very important.

With all of our products, a quick the cleaning kit comes out of the box of the product and there is no need to purchase it as an extra.

The Functionality and Technologies of Hoover boards

Hoover boards

Despite the fact that aircraft and flying technologies have been around for years, the construction of such a technology could not be done because there was not any device that could provide a powerful pushing force to carry the Human and place an alley in the skateboard dimensions.

Lexus Announcement about Hoover Boards Technologies

Lexus has announced that in the last few months, this technology has finally come to pass. This flying skateboard, called the Lexus Hover board, is based on a very powerful magnet that works on a running principle.

These magnets are superconducting magnets. Iridium barium copper oxide these conductors, consisting of a material named, heat up the electricity in good conditions because of the resistance that the materials have.

This conductive material needs to be cooled, since both heat will reduce the current power of these materials, and superconductors will only occur when certain materials are cooled too much. At this point “liquid nitrogen ” enters the circuit.

Because the boiling temperature of the nitrogen is -195 ° C at normal pressure. But when this pressure is reduced as much as possible, liquid nitrogen protects the form to such an extent that it can cool superconductors.

The smoke from the side parts of the flying skateboard, nitrogen gas that has completed duty and normalized heat / pressure levels.

Because the gas does not work in this situation, it is not housed on the skateboard and it is being thrown out. Skateboarding, Unfortunately, can only be used in areas specially designed for skateboarding.

The reason for this is that the platform under the skateboard has two different magnet systems consisting of north and south poles.

Ray in a sense this platform, which serves the task, consists of two different magnets. These magnets can come together only on the condition that they are of a different polarity. This rail system with two different polarities also pushes and pulls the skateboard.

These two magnets, Which are made up of two halves placed side by side, hold the skateboard in a fixed position with the pull and pushing forces applied to the skate and ensure that the skateboard does not protrude from the two semicircular magnetic areas.

The Best Hoverboards & Self-Balancing Scooters is a really well thought-out technology. Although the areas of use are limited, it is a start and it seems to be a lot of fun just in this state.