The Functionality and Technologies of Hoover boards

Hoover boards

Despite the fact that aircraft and flying technologies have been around for years, the construction of such a technology could not be done because there was not any device that could provide a powerful pushing force to carry the Human and place an alley in the skateboard dimensions.

Lexus Announcement about Hoover Boards Technologies

Lexus has announced that in the last few months, this technology has finally come to pass. This flying skateboard, called the Lexus Hover board, is based on a very powerful magnet that works on a running principle.

These magnets are superconducting magnets. Iridium barium copper oxide these conductors, consisting of a material named, heat up the electricity in good conditions because of the resistance that the materials have.

This conductive material needs to be cooled, since both heat will reduce the current power of these materials, and superconductors will only occur when certain materials are cooled too much. At this point “liquid nitrogen ” enters the circuit.

Because the boiling temperature of the nitrogen is -195 ° C at normal pressure. But when this pressure is reduced as much as possible, liquid nitrogen protects the form to such an extent that it can cool superconductors.

The smoke from the side parts of the flying skateboard, nitrogen gas that has completed duty and normalized heat / pressure levels.

Because the gas does not work in this situation, it is not housed on the skateboard and it is being thrown out. Skateboarding, Unfortunately, can only be used in areas specially designed for skateboarding.

The reason for this is that the platform under the skateboard has two different magnet systems consisting of north and south poles.

Ray in a sense this platform, which serves the task, consists of two different magnets. These magnets can come together only on the condition that they are of a different polarity. This rail system with two different polarities also pushes and pulls the skateboard.

These two magnets, Which are made up of two halves placed side by side, hold the skateboard in a fixed position with the pull and pushing forces applied to the skate and ensure that the skateboard does not protrude from the two semicircular magnetic areas.

The Best Hoverboards & Self-Balancing Scooters is a really well thought-out technology. Although the areas of use are limited, it is a start and it seems to be a lot of fun just in this state.