The Ananymity Of The Proxy Server

proxy server

How The Proxy Servers Maintain Their Ananymity

Proxy servers maintain their anonymity when you surf the Web, or unlock videos and information that are not available due to country blocking.

To watch videos locked on YouTube, you need a proxy server that will serve you as a surfer from another country. Even if you do not want to be followed by all sorts of websites while surfing, a proxy server helps maintain your anonymity.

A proxy server can do a lot more. What a proxy server is, how it works, what it does for tasks and when it may well be worthwhile for you to use a proxy server – read on the following pages.

A proxy server is a proxy who shares a communication in two separate calls. Router and proxy server.

While the router connects directly between your home network and a web server, you are anonymous behind a proxy server. Filter content.

A proxy server can manipulate the answers of the web server before passing them on to the PC Anonymization, Dividing a communication into two or more separate calls can also be an advantage for you: The web server sees only the proxy server, but not you.

Proxy Server,  Proxy In The Network 

All the basic technical details about proxy servers and proxy site are explained in the image section of the professional knowledge “proxy server – proxy in the network” . In the following, you will learn what a proxy server actually is and how it can be used at home or in the company.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a proxy in communication with other computers in a network. Substitute because the PC and the server never communicate directly with each other. Instead, the proxy server always acts as the communication partner of the PC and the server and thus becomes part of the communication itself.

PC becomes invisible to the server

Normally a PC sends, if a web page should be opened, the request directly to the server. The server in turn sends the requested website to the PC. PC and server communicate directly with each other.

If, however, a proxy server is used, then the PC sends all its requests to the proxy server and no longer to the web server. The communication to the web server is handled by the proxy server.

He accepts the request from the PC and in turn makes a request to the web server. The answer from the web server initially resumes the proxy server. Then the proxy server turns to the PC and sends it the response received from the web server.