How To Transfer To Gatwick Airport?

How to get from Gatwick to London We’ll show you where to get the fastest and cheapest London Gatwick transfer from the airport to central London!

Gatwick Airport in London is one of the busiest airports in the world, with only one runway.

A suitable London Gatwick transfer is essential as the airport is approximately 45 km from the city center. Gatwick Airport is located in the borough of Crowley, south of London.

After Heathrow, it is the second largest airport in London and accordingly heavily frequented. So that you do not go on the airport area, here you will find a map with all the terminals.

By Train To London

Getting from Gatwick Airport to central London is the easiest way to get there. The trains run at regular intervals and you can easily reach London’s city center.

From Gatwick Airport there are several trains that differ in price, duration and destination stations. The Gatwick Express and the Gatwick Train Transfer bring you both easily to the city center. Here you can see all the information and the prices.

gatwick airport

The Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express offers you the fastest way to get to the center of London. There are no stops and the train takes only about 30 minutes. The express runs every 15 minutes every day and always ends at the central London Victoria Station.

There you have direct access to various subway lines and buses. A train ticket costs 17.80 pounds per person (about 22.24 euros). The Gatwick Express is accessible from both the North and South terminals of the airport.The Gatwick Train Transfer

With the Gatwick Train Transfer you can reach London in about 40 minutes. Since there are some on-the-way stations, the trip takes a bit longer.

The train tickets usually cost 11.00 pounds (about 13.73 EUR). The destinations of this London Gatwick transfer are London Bridge, London St. Pancreas, City Thameslink, London Black friars and Elephant & Castle. And of course vice versa.


Gatwick express – Gatwick Express Tickets

Relaxing in London is easy with the Gatwick Express.

It’s best to buy the ticket online in advance, so you’ll save a lot of waiting time at the airport. Here are the advantages of trains at a glance:

About twice as fast and four times cheaper than a taxi

Tickets are valid for Thameslink trains anytime, any day

 London Gatwick bus

There are many buses going from Gatwick Airport to town. We recommend the reliable and cheaper buses of the National Express.

If you book the ticket online in time, you can get the best prices. If you buy the bus ticket on the spot, it may cost a bit more or there may not be any vacant seats available at your time of arrival. The ticket prices for the National Express are around 8 pounds (about 9.98 EUR).

The journey takes about 70 minutes, depending on the traffic. The London Gatwick Bus National Express also goes to the Victoria Coach station in London. In addition, the buses depart from both the North and South Terminals.

Gatwick Transfer – Gatwick Airport

National Express buses run very regularly, about every 20 to 30 minutes.

Gatwick Transfer – By Shuttle

Shuttle service is available to take you from London Gatwick Airport to the hotels in the city. After all, nothing is more pleasant after a longer flight than a shuttle service from the airport directly to the hotel.

The door-to-door cab to Gatwick service makes it easy: just board on the shuttle transfer from London airport and your holiday in London will begin. So that the shuttle can be picked up in time, you should book the transfer ticket online beforehand.

Gatwick Airport Taxi

Taking a taxi directly from Gatwick Airport to central London is certainly the most convenient way.

However, a taxi ride can be very expensive, especially when it comes to traffic jams and you have not negotiated a fixed price. Driving a Black Cab can take up to an hour and costs between 60-100 pounds on average. Converted are about 74-125 euros. The taxi drivers use taxa me.