Functionality Of The Food Processor

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Wattage Of The Food Processor

More meaningful than the power in watts is the manufacturer’s specification for the maximum amount of flour or dough. It makes it easier to see whether a food processor is suitable for your purposes. Product tips: Looking for a particularly powerful food processor that will not force large amounts of dough to its knees?


Then you should look at the WM F Food Processors with 1000 watts or 1.4 hp and 5 liters capacity (about 795 Euros). The 500-watt motor of the Kitchen Aid Artisan food processor convinces with a peak output of 1.3 h.p. so that the stirring and kneading process is particularly smooth.

In addition to the wattage, the size of the mixing bowl is a good indicator of how powerful a food processor really is. If a model has a large mixing bowl, you can assume that the engine higher performance for correspondingly large amounts of dough brings – no matter whether 600 or 800 watts.

Fine mixing bowl with 4 liters capacity is sufficient for a 4-person household in most cases. If you frequently cook and bake for guests or a larger family, or you want to knead large amounts of dough in a single pass, a larger 5-liter mixing bowl is recommended.

Keep in mind, however, that larger mixing bowls usually mean that small amounts are not processed optimally can. Whisking two egg whites in a 6-liter bowl makes little sense.

If you decide on a food processor with a large mixing bowl, it is worthwhile to have a hand mixer for smaller tasks in addition. In any case, the mixing bowl of your food processor should be made of stainless steel.


The material is particularly robust and easy to clean. Test kitchen which food processor fits me? Our quiz has the answer High-quality kitchen machines with swivel arm have a planetary mixer. In this type of agitator, the agitator moves to a circular around the central axis of the bowl, on the other hand it rotates about its own axis.

What sounds so complicated is nothing more than the imitation of the movement of a hand when stirring a dough. Moreover, with Bosch food processors, the stirring tools are not positioned vertically above the mixing bowl, but rather at a slight angle to it (Bosch calls this technology “Multi Motion Drive”), which means that they can better reach the edges of the bowl and not so easily.

Do I have enough space in my kitchen?

Our apartment: Kitchen 2 Jess PAC via Flicker A solid food processor is big and heavy.

A firm place on the work surface is therefore highly recommended. If you need to get the device out of the cupboard or storage room before each use, that’s pretty impractical. After all, your kitchen appliance should not do you more work than it takes off. An area of ​​40 x 40 cm is sufficient for most appliances.

If the space on the counter top is tight, you put small appliances such as toasters or kettles in the cupboard.

These are easier to stow away and quickly brought out if needed. Check out all the models now and find your new favorite food processor recipes from around the world free recipe booklet: 15 recipes from all over the world Download the recipe booklet and receive new recipes and offers regularly.