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The changing world of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is changing every year, giving the league a new way of generating revenue and eliminating old methods. In 2015, a number of affiliate marketing trends have changed the dynamics of the industry. Here are the five most important changes:Affiliate marketing is changing every year, giving the league a new way of generating revenue and eliminating old methods. In 2015, a number of affiliate marketing trends have changed the dynamics of the industry. Here are the five most important changes:

1. More attention to niche marketing.

For all products or services are widely used extensive network marketing era gone. This trend, which began a few years ago, has become more prominent in 2015, motivating marketing alliances to focus on niche niches to increase traffic, improve search engine rankings and build trust in audiences.

A niche market is a smaller subset of consumers with specific interests, hobbies, or goals. For example, affiliate marketing can target hobbies such as golf or photography. Alternatively, they can target a group of people (such as adolescents) or values (such as energy efficiency). Niche marketing is beneficial for all parties, as it forces the alliance to create customized content that is of interest to smaller groups of people, who are more inclined to buy.

2. More possibilities for mobile marketing.

In 2015, affiliate marketing in the mobile-side further development, more and more alliances optimize the mobile site and make full use of push notification. This advantage is demonstrated in the data. According to Internet Retailer statistics, in January 2015 the alliance sales, 36% of the Union sales are imported in the mobile terminal.
Unable to use mobile technology alliance may lag behind its competitors. As more consumers use smart phones and tablets to shop, businesses increasingly rely on mobile-friendly applications and websites.

3. The application of large data increases.

Affiliate marketers are also starting to use big data stats for marketing. As more big data is available to marketers, the number of applicants is growing geometrically. Consortia can use large data for analysis to determine the maximum source of its traffic and its key demographic distribution. They can also compare different strategies and techniques to determine what can best be achieved in practice. In 2016 and the next time, large data applications will continue to become more in-depth.

4. Increased reliance on the site attribution model.

Coalition In affiliate marketing, the attribution model allows the merchant to track the click behavior chain that ultimately leads to a purchase. Consumers may click on a federated link, turn off the page, and then click from the other source to enter the same link. This led to the loss of the previous alliance. The site attribution model allows agencies to adjust prices and payment models based on consumer behavior.

5. Unique alliance cooperation

In 2015, a unique alliance cooperation system emerged, and new ways of bringing attention to products and services changed the business model. The company’s collaboration with schools, sports teams, and other organizations has changed the picture of affiliate marketing. In addition, merchants will donate a percentage of affiliate marketing revenue from charitable and nonprofit organizations and further fund-raising for these organizations through affiliate marketing.

2015 has quietly left, 2016 Union marketing will usher in more changes. This also changes the way affiliate marketers send and receive cash. If you’d like to use the convenient global payment option.

Sometimes, sales training , and “advanced” marketing strategy to bring you much more harm than good, especially the use of your skills away from the most useful thing for you. Here is an example.

My wife wants to buy a new car. She likes sports, so we went to a dealer to see BMW 13 5i. Sales were wandering in the parking lot, as if there is no reception customer sales staff should not do such a thing, they see us driving in the interior through the rows of cars, we finally stopped in front of 135i car.

A young man came, apparently it was his turn. After a brief greeting, he apparently started in accordance with the list of psychological sales techniques to start selling.

Obviously, the “verify your sales leads,” he was the first on the list. But he was not doing well, so he continued down a “to determine customer demand”, he asked what we seek in a car inside. Not rude, my wife asked a few of his hard question (for polite euphemism, she has her own skills), probably because he has been to focus on the use of the training learned something higher on sales and therefore could not answer them.

Then he surprised us. He stopped talking, took a deep breath and said:. “I’m sorry I really hate this wait a minute, I’ll get someone who can really help your people.

My wife relented, but as a methodical care about a wife should not be doing, she said: “No, we do not need anyone else, you’re doing well Hey, you ever tell me. opened in any one of these cars?

Oh, of course,” he said. Clearly see mood has improved. “They really quickly I might not say this, but they are better than the M3 control.” He looked around to ensure that no one in the vicinity, and then said: “Even if you do not intend to buy, you should at least test drive, this really make people feel very excited.

We test drive, and she also bought a car. (Until a year later, she was very fond of. Initially, he did something wrong it? He let himself into training that is not their own sales staff. He tried to become a verified sales leads, build relationships, and to introduce the features and specifications of efforts to obtain commitment of people.

In the process he gave his strongest one. He stopped doing his own, stopping to make a car passionate youth. Consider using your current marketing strategies. Whether they keep you away from your strengths? If you are naturally introverted, do not try to become this guy. In terms of sales, said to be much more effective than listening.

If you are observant and good instincts, do not bound in the verification process.In our example, we stopped in front of a row of 13 5i quite expensive car, so any sales staff can safely guess that we are interested in this car. (In fact, you test drive the car more than you might be able to provide answers about the verification of sales leads more convincing) in “Hello,”, the best sales staff, he said: “Tell me what you want to drive away which one, I’ll get you to pick up the keys.

If you are naturally easy-going love chatting, then please do not try to take the professional route or authority. Use chat with friends like to talk the way, of course, with a purpose. As long as you are sincere, potential customers will respond.  Sounds simple, right? Really quite simple …… but many people ignore the sales techniques they use should contribute to their strengths.  This is the best of all marketing strategy, you can put this policy is applied to any industry.

Comments ( 4 ) Favorites (5)share it: advertising “Is as important in today’s market, providing services as to provide inexpensive products.” Last month, participate in the second summit of a Global Sources buyer Amazon seller told me so. On line retail has created a flat world, buyers easy on product prices and features “shop around” and want to return the seller to provide security policies. However, in such a world, it can bring the biggest difference is the service that helps customers solve problems.

In other words, the solution to customers and create more value.Publisher Profile Peoples “world managers” publisher and president of Global Sources Corporate Affairs.

Mr. Pei grams responsible for China’s leading business management media “world managers” of sales, marketing and operational issues. Mr. Pei to manage global resources of marketing and corporate communications work. Mr. Pei in October 1986 joined Global Sources, the period from 1989 to 1992 responsible for managing the company’s sales in the Chinese market, as the company’s general manager in China during the period 1992-1999.During 1999-2010 Peoples as chief operating officer of Global Sources. Peoples graduated from Yale University, majoring in linguistics.

From the perspective of value, state design consultancy chairman compare different products to sell and sell solutions: selling products to bring the modest processing profits, selling solutions to bring more high profits; Sell bring products to the seller is a trade customer, to sell solutions for the seller to bring a strategic partner; selling products team just thinking about how to get a foothold in the market of the product, and sell solutions but asked the team to consider how to sell a service

Solutions to create more customer value, while blocking force to help corporate competitors, to break from the competition in the homogenization of the product. China National Bureau of Statistics released data show that in 2015 the country’s industrial enterprises above designated size achieved a total profit of 6.3554 trillion yuan, down 2.3 percent over the previous year, which is the first drop year on year growth over the years. The main reason is the lack of demand led to production and sales is slowing down markedly. The reason for lack of demand, homogeneous products can not solve the problem of customer pain points.

Shenzhen City, south slightly marketing and management consulting limited company chairman Ke Zu opinion, customers now more and more difficult to make money, business from past customers earn money into trying to help customers make money. He believes that, when positioned on a business solutions provider, the possibility of enterprises to win the market competition is even greater (see article: Beyond products, win in the solution ).

Konica Minolta launched the first in the industry towards solutions to value-added service providers strategic transformation. After ten consecutive years, China A3 format color multifunction machine market, the company has a chance to win the competition in more market segments (see article: Konica Minolta: Transition to create new value ).

How to design and deliver solutions? First and foremost, it is from the customer’s problem. 3 Glasses company CEO Wang Jie believes that only after fully understand the customer’s pain points in order to provide the most appropriate solution; if the customers themselves as staff to go over the process, the results tend to exceed customer expectations.

VR solutions leveraging the development of the industry ).”Preface” Highlights:
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Three years ago, a well-known listed companies to publish millions of scale management consulting tender, known to look for top consulting firms to cooperate. For a time the lakes restlessness biggest names gathered, Geluyinghao ran this imaginary fat, trying out their ace in the hole, in order to lock on, won the first Quebec.Surprisingly, the listed company finally decided to slow down cooperation projects, full of expectations of various bidders empty-handed.

Three years later, the company once again issued a call to make, once stranded start of the project, the director of Lee where international consulting company has been formally invited.

Value proposition for an organization’s strategy, business model, brand and marketing are very important topics.However, this concept seems to be just the academic and consulting industry widely adopted, the actual leader of the enterprise has little importance.

Articles in the July column, “Do you really know what you’re selling it,” a text, I mentioned the “core demands of hitting the target customer value proposition,” today we have to start on this topic.