Brands can not imitate, it is long out of the heart

Brands can not imitate, it is long out of the heart

I want to share a case, I believe that the presence of too many people is to have Apple’s IPH0NE, is that listening to music, there may be several compatriots from Taiwan also have some knowledge, that is, Apple Ipad, after listing Ipad, no Creative people remember, that Apple pay more attention to the promotion and marketing, Creative perhaps major error committed in Singapore is that they think they sell products, technology, and Apple has recognized that he was selling an experience, they sell the emotional sense of belonging, I think I have IPOD, because we are a brand, brand sounds like magic.

I would like to ask the representative of the presence there of Li Ning? There does not matter, because in fact I think this case has taught us a lot that we can learn a lot from here, that we from this figure, we can feel what the original idea was it? Imitation, thought I was going tick, you can raise the price several times, and learning is a method of overall performance, the overall design language, but in fact, the real success of the brand not produce so simple.

OEM manufacturers know that imitation can be very successful, we do not have to look down to imitate, but the brand is not so simple, then the company has recognized this, I felt it to change himself, his knowledge from the original mark become another identification mark, the original slogan from a slogan into another, the overall volume of orders from the net profit for the third quarter are declining, with double-digit decline, more terrible.

The important question is why? Many analysts express their own views, the real reason is complex, I believe, anyway, some say the administration of Li Ning brand company may underestimate the difficulty of the transition, and it’s time, perhaps as soon as they put the pricing strategy changed, It is to hike.

There is the original brand’s strength is not good enough, perhaps, as I just said to mimic the main, I have taken a lot of brand masters opinions, they also continue to promote the brand is determined to have their own, from their own heart grow, do not avoid those who own real source, do not imitate others.

Consumer-oriented product innovation is the best innovation

New product development is a systematic project, its core is already consumer-oriented, starting from the consumer, the consumer insight into the real heart of the demand, every business needs to be done before the innovative products on the basis of the work, the only way to new technology from research exhibit achievements to come out into the consumer market and public life, but also for enterprises to inject new vitality, create new profit growth point.

Product innovation is the enterprise survival and development of core strategies

Global Business numerous innovative products to market each year, but 80% failed.

Product innovation has been not a single problem encountered by enterprises, but a global problem.

Product Innovation – Enterprises Succeed

Procter & Gamble from 1837 to today started a piece of soap, with more than 300 brands, the output value of over one billion US dollars there are 27 brands, products can be maintained behind the high market share, it is the continuous development of new products. P & G every year in new product research and development about $ 1.3 billion investment, the world has more than 7000 scientists into research and development of new products;

Sony Corporation of Japan in the beginning of the century, the new product had to reserve in 2030, its annual investment in new product research funding accounted for 10% of sales value –30% of its R & D personnel more than 10,000 people;

The grass is always greener consumers forced down companies must continue to innovate in order to survive and develop. But the reality is that 80 percent of innovative products failed a year.

Many companies complain, even if the product made the most detailed market research, but finally failed. Faced with the development of new products, all businesses were struck with the same kind of emotion: the introduction of new products are not “die”, the introduction of new products, “court death.”

Why consumers do not buy the product innovation

September 1984, Coca-Cola management whim, declare a change in its popular 99-year Coca-Cola formula, the introduction of New Coke. After more than six months, New Coke more than 100,000 people after a survey by the market was hit by a strong consumer boycott and protest, “This new stuff is worse than the taste of Pepsi.” “You should be ashamed of the Coca-Cola label attached to the top. ” Three months later, Coca-Cola had to restore its traditional production. The matter was “New York Times” called one of America’s most important business a hundred years of mistakes.

New Coke will not be accepted by the public of the reason is very simple. Consumer demand can be divided into material needs and psychological needs. Test prior to listing is basically only got to meet the material aspects of information, two psychological level information can not be obtained. Coca-Cola for US consumers is a traditional cultural symbol of New Coke so that consumers feel betrayed.

Therefore, do not rely too much on your survey data, and insight into the real idea behind consumer. Consumers will only to meet their physical and psychological needs of innovative products pay.

Product innovation model – Funnel Development Model

New products, research and development of new technologies is not just business things, the world’s major institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes are a hotbed of new technologies.

The basic model of innovation system is the Cooperative Innovation. Cooperative refers to enterprises, universities and research institutions to use their own advantages, through cooperation to make technological innovation to achieve, the butt coupled downstream to make innovative achievements into productive forces, to improve efficiency and achieve scientific and technological innovation and economic Coordinated development. United States, Japan, Britain and other countries in accordance with their actual form their own research to develop characteristic pattern. 1993 UNESCO believes universities and industry cooperation can make outstanding contributions to the process of industrialization in developing countries, to study, and research as a priority to promote.

As a master of the theory of knowledge, major colleges and universities in the study should be fully integrated practice, not just dedicated to books, drill out the theoretical knowledge. Research and development of the main force, scientific research institutes in terms of product development and can not “ears do not hear out of the window, bent only made useless” on the results behind closed doors will only appear more and more products out of the market theory.

This shows the need in product development and the transformation process, the research closely. On the one hand the school a better application of scientific research into the development process, on the other hand also, and enterprise-depth cooperation. However, the current scientific and technological achievements into productive forces or of the ability of new products is still lacking.

For new product development model has come a long period of exploration. In order to improve the success rate of new products, new product development model even today still innovation. Today in the field of global new product development model is entering the next frontier of innovation in order to improve the success rate of new product development – Funnel new product development model.

Brand founding: China to Germany to learn what?

World War II, Hitler’s Third Reich complete destruction, but he promised to let cars into people’s homes, but realized in Germany.

2010 Inter brand Best Global 100 came out, looking through their list is a loss to find a Chinese brand, as people feel distraught sigh. There is no doubt that the United States topped the list, and is ranked second in the biggest losers in World War II – Germany. The industrial revolution in Germany for nearly a full 80 years later than in England. The “Made in Germany”, but was then “world factory” nose. Since the end of World War II, but also more than 60 years, the German nation in later years, with its strict attitude to create numerous well-known brands. Germany such a short time fast rise speed seemed unbearably frightening.

From the “national car” to ” Volkswagen “

When it comes to the German brand, people’s first reaction will be the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen brand cars such as the birthplace of the automobile, Germany repairer industry really come out on top. But everyone knows, in 1929, per capita car ownership has lagged far behind Germany and Britain and France, every 237 people have a car, and the UK 45 people, there were a contrast, really deserve the title of car power. The reason is that the German production car-based luxury style to its high price and the price of fuel tax greatly limits the number of sales.

Hitler came to power in the first 11 days, he announced the concept of “national car”: a top speed of 100 kilometers, less than 7 liters hundred kilometers, can carry two adults and three children, the price of not more than 1000 marks, so everyone has their own cars. The same day, “Volkswagen” (Volkswagen) was the first mention of the word. Under Hitler strongly encourage vehicle production strategy, most car companies in the pursuit of the Nazi economy independent strategy, adjust their own production, won the survival and development of the war period.

World War II, Hitler’s Third Reich complete destruction, but he promised to let cars into people’s homes, but realized in Germany. After World War II, the Germans did not correct from a political point of view, and remove those with Nazi Volkswagen factory mark, but remains the development of this “Hitler product” and to be supported.

They will focus on the “Beetle” car that is this small car, after the United States broke the Ford “T Model” sales record, creating a new era. Germany has since officially become Europe’s largest car producer and exporter. It is by virtue of the first German “Volkswagen” brand insistence, which makes the “national car” concept was finally realized, it has now become a true sense of Volkswagen cars.

Service Marketing

Service marketing

Modern marketing services model has two basic requirements, it is necessary to create the value of customer satisfaction, the second is to do database processing customers. Such as Haier first proposed “human single one”, “I came to realize you design” activities, and build a complete mental characteristics of marketing management system is fundamental to good service marketing.

Service marketing model has the following points.

Service Mode immobilized. The immobilization refers to the provision of services to execute consistent, should not in fits and starts. Fundamentally speaking service is a product of an important window to show the kind of guerrilla-style service would rather not, otherwise, the most dangerous is the final product itself.

Service Mode vivid. The so-called vivid refers to all services should focus on “Wisdom and Faith” These values start. Previous companies often claims to have after-sales service, regular follow-up visits by telephone, but this means of communication via telephone lines, far failed to meet increasingly demanding customer consumer psychology. This requires companies to approaching customers, listen to the voice of the customer, learn to use social media, etc. to provide the heart of intimate family-oriented entertainment communication.

Service model diversification. In the past, some companies to easily free experience a generous, large-scale promotions and other activities, were the first very loud, but the brand promotion and sales promotion effect is very limited. Instead, companies have initiated a number of interactive public activities, but rather to quickly improve product visibility and reputation, to minimize the cost to obtain maximum results.

Service model professional. Take the health industry, chronic illness into a good doctor, most of the health care needs of customers are on their own physical condition have a certain understanding. To this end, the formation of a truly professional standard of health services team, is the top priority of enterprises.

You can also open your mind, for example, set up their own biological Grenada fan organization – consumer associations, elected among members of President, Vice President, allow members to self-management, and the virtues of wine from the sea customer conducted a search for product advisor activity, allowing them to participate in promotional activities in the planning management, so as to change the effect of the product by the company in charge of the traditional one used to judge the right to the customer, by the customer’s own approved products, nature can survive in the market . With this new service model right kind of inverted, the experiential marketing, word of mouth on its head.

Sixth, the difference demands

Get rid of scale in the trend of the times, how to optimize survival, innovation? Only having to develop more topics and influence the content of products, integration of resources and enhance their own hematopoietic function, and promote the advantages of regeneration.

Popular, the best ways of doing business enterprise is a period of change: businesses will have a story, the boss can tell a story, the team can sell the story, such as: millet Internet thinking and fans community, ** Gree, Huawei and other cautionary statements wake . Thus, taking into consideration whether a product has marketing advantages, the key is whether the product differentiation through campaigns to highlight their value.

 Implement differentiated marketing strategy to meet customers’ diversified and personalized product demand, changing the traditional price-based competition means to value-based differentiation strategy. The main difference from two aspects requirements: First, marketing product differentiation; such as the melatonin capsules and oral composite packaging; the second is marketing differentiation process.

Marketing, product differentiation depending on product demand level differences, customer demand for the product can basically be divided into the basic needs, the expected demand, additional demand and potential demand on several levels. Differentiated marketing process, the emphasis is product marketing, content creators, service forms, etc., enterprises should do to meet the level of the product, more thoughtful than the opponent; in the way of satisfaction, more creative than the opponent; meet speed, faster than the opponent

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Devaluation is nothing more than two effects, one is the price will go up, and the other is cash assets will shrink. Chinese investment are most concerned about, how to deal with Chinese investors devaluation, how to make financial management can maximize asset preservation? China Integrated Marketing Summit Forum President Lu Yongfeng this reason the analysis and interpretation of devaluation, trends and strategies.

6.9 precarious , RMB why the continued devaluation ?

RMB exchange rate pricing mechanism is the reference to a basket of currencies. In the three indices (CFETS RMB exchange rate index, BIS currency basket exchange rate index and the SDR currency basket exchange rate index) is relatively stable, if the dollar continued to strengthen the yuan will be relatively weak.

This round of large exchange rate adjustment, in addition to China’s economic slowdown, yuan and dollar spreads narrowed, global capital return to the US, China ‘s foreign exchange reserves continued to decline and other large background, accelerated depreciation of the RMB exchange rate in recent days, first Bertrand S & P came to power after the monetary policy changes to promote a stronger dollar, and thus the relative devaluation pressure increases;

followed by the impact of foreign trade, foreign trade situation is not good, foreign exchange reserves decreased manufacturing index undesirable affect the RMB exchange rate movements; again British pound tumbled off by the impact of Europe.

The British pound to new lows, the dollar rose, the RMB exchange rate; and finally join the SDR fluctuation caused by the yuan join SDR, relax on the official exchange rate regulation, giving way to the market, plus exchange rate fluctuations big is a normal phenomenon.

RMB will be long-term depreciation of it? 7 is unlikely to break

China’s economic fundamentals do not support the long-term exchange rate devaluation, we have concerns about the impact of exchange rate depreciation is unnecessary and excessive. RMB downward process, there may be short term “overshoot” situation, but changes in market supply and demand should be able to achieve in a relatively short period of time the exchange rate in the “two-way volatility” near equilibrium level, the central bank intervention to reduce the practice of completely correct.

However, Lu Yongfeng think in the long run, the central bank should continue to accelerate the reform, let the early realization of the RMB exchange rate to float freely, is expected to eliminate the root causes of the devaluation. If China’s economy stabilized, pressure on the government in the “steady growth” aspect weakening in the exchange rate will be more substantial fluctuations in the level of tolerance.

Since August, according to a series of Chinese economic data to determine if the Chinese economy in the years to break of 6.5% growth target has no suspense. This is the level of the RMB exchange rate the central bank provides more space, do not worry about exchange rate fluctuations, the average investor should not be a “fear of floating” excessive worry “a city of a pool of” gains and losses, but should focus on long-term trend of the RMB exchange rate .

Taken together, put pressure on the dollar, emotional instability of the moment, the RMB exchange rate depreciation are still some inertia, effective process needs to stabilize, however, still believe that the majority of the market mechanism,

before the end of the yuan break “7” is unlikely, a recent domestic economic fundamentals are steady for the better, remain high trade surplus, foreign exchange reserves are still abundant, can maintain the RMB exchange rate stable on the whole provide some support; two, to stabilize the market sentiment, to prevent runaway exchange rate depreciation in the vicinity of important psychological barrier the possibility of regulators shot holding stability remain. Recently, including including many foreign institutions have lowered expectations for the end of the RMB exchange rate, but generally agreed that the yuan will end in the vicinity of 6.9.

How to deal with the devaluation? Portfolio asset allocation

Recent policy level since monitoring began to strengthen, many people focus on exchange and buying groups ‘overseas’ insurance began to be restricted. Investors need to go to the future similar to the “Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect”, “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Link”, “Shanghai Lun Tong” and other existing and planned open investment channels; especially the demand for QDII (Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor) will continue increased, but the amount of current products and are limited, insurance-based QDII, fundthe Department of QDII, banking system QDII there are different levels of ceiling. Taken together, Lu Yongfeng said: in the domestic capital markets investors need to find another way out more.

  1. Overseas , global asset allocation

Now a growing number of high net worth Overseas personnel selection, like Los Angeles, Melbourne and Sydney as freehold, return on investment and other advantages of the Chinese people is very much welcome. But if the investor’s net assets may be invested one million yuan level not reached, or no travel, study abroad and so just, that devaluation impact on investors is not significant.

Faced with a wide variety of dollar assets, how to choose, so a lot of investment NPC headache. Costs, capital threshold is certainly a factor to be considered, but the most critical is, it should be based on their own investment categories, investment in the region, as well as their risk tolerance to select and properly consult a professional investment institutions.

Two offshore dollar settlement fund

Investors can invest directly in Hong Kong RMB qualified domestic institutional investor (QDII) fund portfolio Global Fund outside the territory of China, including stock or bond funds. The Hong Kong Monetary product information disclosure, and must be recognized by the SFC approval, practitioners must also be subject to Monetary Authority and the Securities Regulatory Commission regulation.

And the vast majority of funds are Hong Kong dollar as the settlement currency, a small part of the euro, Hong Kong dollar, British pound, Japanese yen, Australian dollar and other currencies. Types of funds have more choice, some bond funds Monthly Dividend Fund annual interest rate of 9%. Than the domestic US financial products or high-dollar deposit.

Three offshore bonds in US dollars

For those who prefer a more conservative fixed income class but investors can buy small excellent recommendation offshore sovereign bonds or bonds of listed companies. Most of the US dollar as the settlement currency, there are some in RMB, Euro, Hong Kong dollar and other currencies.

Buy bonds without incurring such as volatility, bond fund investment patterns on fund prices than like a bank deposit. Usually six months in arrears, by the more than 1 year to 10 years can be selected. Domestic sports brand Case 361 degrees bonds issued in Hong Kong, the current maturity rate of about 6%.

Four , holding a variety of foreign currencies, including Bitcoin and other

Devaluation of the RMB against the US dollar does not represent the US dollar against other currencies, it does not mean the dollar will remain strong, and therefore need to do a more comprehensive risk management. This year, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Australian dollar against the US dollar appreciation are holding foreign currencies, or buy more foreign currency assets category itself to form a hedge.

Five , holding gold

Recent gold price crash impact investor confidence, in fact, compared with the volatility of risky assets, gold price volatility can withstand ordinary investors, the price of gold daily ups and downs of the stock market more than 5% less than 1%.

Gold has a financial and monetary properties, the supply of natural limited, the price will be in a certain stage of adjustment, but there is no one kind of purchasing power of the currency sovereign credit history can be compared with gold. Hold some RMB-denominated gold assets, in responding to the RMB exchange rate fluctuations, after all, a safer choice.

Many people think that brand is a LOGO, like I said T-shirts, I hit a hook above twenty times the price can be, but is actually very complicated, of course, including products, product quality, customer service, customer experience and vesting many factors sense, as well as innovative ideas, culture, etc. combined company is the company’s

Speaker: And “world managers” publisher Pei grams president of Global Sources Corporate Affairs Mr.

Speaker Profile:

Pepples, Global Sources Corporate Affairs CEO Jane “world managers” publisher, responsible for the company in China’s leading business management magazine “world managers” of sales, marketing and operational matters while managing the global resources market marketing and communications work.

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, thank you very much for supporting us Xiamen Municipal Government, I am very pleased to have this opportunity, our topic today is very important, is the brand strategy. For decades, China as the world’s factory, is obvious to a position, but we can see today, especially after the financial crisis, a lot of changes in the environment, as well as new challenges, of course.

we can also see the rapid domestic development in China the domestic market, but also to understand its importance today, especially after the financial crisis.

Whether it is from the government point of view, or from a business point of view, if today’s global economy, there is also a lot of data can show the importance of the domestic market, such as this year’s GDP, is the Chinese economy than in 2010 a little early last year increased by 10%, and in urban residents per capita income has increased by 11%.

Made in China brand development and status of China

Of course, as an export base for China in many large buyers mind is occupied a very large place, and although growth slowed down in recent years, but still a very high number, and if it is then compared to other markets , it is smaller than any other market, but there are still a lot of pressure.

As a supplier, you are faced with rising costs, RMB appreciation, as well as raw materials, labor and other upward pressure, as well as liquidity is more intense, many companies know only one way out, that is, in order to way to move up the value chain, which is actually a very important factor in the brand, but it also can not ignore the concept of the consumer some information,

I mean not only the consumers overseas consumers, even domestic consumer demand has also in a lot of changes, it will become increasingly demanding, both in terms of product quality, or functional point of view, there are cost-effective, value their own requirements are very demanding, but also more sensitive.

So over the years as the world’s factory, many domestic enterprises like walking a line, the so-called brand. They know best, to an ordinary T-shirt clothes produced in the above hit a hook, you can increase the price several times, it seems very simple, but very encouraging, but in fact how to do it now we want to explore the issue.

We have long known that the brand can accelerate purchasing decisions, but also can bring a lot of factors other than the kind of product, and I emphasize it added value. If the brand is actually a company’s assets, is an asset beyond the scope of the product as a media, we publish “world managers”, “world managers” is a window, we could hear or see Chinese companies thought to what extent,

I like to share some of the research results, this research is carried out in recent months, we found that 70% of companies surveyed believe that China establish its own brand manufacturing is very important. Next, we asked them what kind of business plan, found that more than half of the enterprises must have some concrete plans of the brand, and there is about one-third is under consideration, it seems, indeed in many domestic brands the eyes of the boss plays a major role. But we must recognize that there are many restraining factors, currently in the country is not easy to have a real brand success stories, these environmental conditions,

Which include some of it? 

For example we know that China’s domestic production of traditional, if their own position to stay in low-cost production base, it will cause a lot of price competition, while at home or in the Asian context, the concept of intellectual property is not so strong, so often I spent a lot of money to develop a good product or a brand, maybe the next day who will be robbed of the case. Or you can go to think about the historical aspects, the Asian Silk Road is a few thousand years of trade quotient history.

Traders less concerned about the producers, who produce this product is not mind, it is the product determines its value. Now many companies want me to change overnight, I want to focus on the brand, but there are a lot of errors, you may first major misunderstanding, many people think that brand is a LOGO, like I said T-shirts, I beat up a hook can price increases twenty times,

But in fact is very complicated, of course, a number of factors including the products, product quality, customer service, customer experience and a sense of belonging, as well as innovative ideas, culture, etc. combined company is the company’s brand . Shanghai Institute had commented on a few domestic enterprises, they do not know the brand does not have the same as having a good brand, and perhaps the only solution is more reference to some cases of it.

Difficult Issues For The Chairperson of Business Companies

Weak sales, hindered investment, lack of funds, and many other thorny issues, for enterprises, is currently running in the syndrome, complications, and also chronic.

Every year the newly established enterprises 150 000, while the closure of 100,000 in China can survive 10 years of business, less than 10%.

Many companies even high input and low output is not output, has become the boss of the pain in my heart.

Rich companies, spending billions of dollars, do anything they want; no money business, can only live frugally, careful management.

In this case, the “needy” How to Win SMEs, to stand out?

In recent years, a variety of factors continuously blow for SMEs already fragile vitality, raw material costs, production costs, coal oil prices, labor remuneration rising continuously; investment in high growth sectors caused by repetitive increasingly fierce competition, industry structural a serious imbalance; rapid RMB appreciation, export tax rebate rate cut after another, lending rates soared; increasing investment in energy-saving emission reduction requirements, the World Trade friction continuously increasing risks, the more the greater the loss of export results.

Well-known brand marketing expert, Columbia Blue Ocean International Marketing consultants Chi founder in Fiji teachers believe enterprises to survive, and development, we must take the difference, professional, customized operating characteristics of the road, and create a market in the segment of the category Blue Ocean areas to keep out a comparative advantage, take the “by products bigger, stronger by marketing, relying on services do win through innovation QUICKER” feature of marketing of the road.

In addition to external environmental factors, but also due to objective reasons, some companies do not understand the market, they are not familiar with, so will inevitably encounter this or that obstacle. In fact, the late start, less money will not become disadvantages, the key is to new ideas, methods, business models through the originality and refinement of promotional tools, to maximize its comparative advantages rapid breakthrough, of course, which requires with a look ahead, well versed in the market, a senior outside the brain for their escort.

Many business owners are mostly 60 and 70, they are often not educated, through the “buy low and sell high”, “information asymmetry”, “imitation, cottage, low price” to seize the market. Even accustomed to bribery power drill loopholes and other institutional and policy means to accumulate wealth. They do not understand the theory, but do not want to learn, they just want to make money, make more money. Today, the face of increasingly meager profits, growing competition has become increasingly narrow market space, they do not choose to create or update mode, but try getting worse environment in the struggle

At this rate, in more than one year time in the future, the collapse has not only small and medium enterprises to make money or lose money problems, but also means that they have lost the value of existence, many employers will not even have to take into primitive accumulation, how how will eat vomit.

SMEs in order in the market to find opportunities for business development, is now difficult.

Because this is a product of excess economic era abundance.

How to do?

Well-known brand marketing expert, Columbia Blue Ocean International Marketing consultants Chi founder in Fiji teachers pointed out that the way out for SMEs: warrior arm holding the determination to recognize this new mission entrusted by the times, the future development of enterprises is only one logical you can create much value, you can get much wealth. Small zero mentality must be to re-embark on the journey, early awakening. Internet era, companies will no longer market the product delivered to the consumer’s place, but the two sides interact to create value. Therefore, the focus must shift from SMEs concern the quality and efficiency of internal processes on the quality of interaction with consumers. Currently Generally speaking, the marketing concept has gradually been many SME entrepreneurs accepted the traditional marketing concept being new marketing ideas such as experience, content, interactivity, scene, replaced by perception, some SMEs have learned the use of advanced marketing methods such as content marketing to arm themselves.

Premise content marketing, either to cater to consumers’ desire for knowledge, either to attract consumers empathize, or allow consumers to feel interesting. Specifically, there are five major content marketing strategy: 1, have a lifestyle proposition. Connection with lifestyle products, rather than to promote the product advertised and lifestyle. 2, to fun, fun, there are high points. 3, to have a sustainable personification content creation. 4, to be able to graft hotspots of the era. 5, to learn to lead the new trend of creating new content. Such as “warm man.”

However, many small and medium enterprises market development in this area is not enough, not wide channels of information, understanding of marketing is still relatively one-sided, do not understand now is the era of demand determines the production, marketing, they tend to be simply equated with the general market, which in reality, marketing development process is embodied as marketing behind.

For example, many SMEs do not know the means of modern mobile Internet, big data, networking, cloud computing and other tools to expand the market, and rely solely on the strength of the enterprise itself negligible self-reliance. This is clearly marketing understanding is narrow, one-sided, of course, cannot meet the ever-changing tastes and needs of consumers, small and medium enterprises how to develop?

Because the Internet has evolved from geek special tool for marketers and creative stage in the Internet age, consumers have real sovereignty, they are now capable of the lowest cost, fastest way to express their emotions, comment, influence and even participate in the design and production. To accommodate this change, it is clear that SMEs are the original factors of production needed to break up the reorganization.

“The teacher, then how to do our business?”

“The product development for several years, but the market is difficult to open, the teacher, how should I do?”

In fact, there is a problem a variety of reasons, the most important thing is the marketing problem.

As a business owner, having a light product awareness does not work, there must be awareness of the market, marketing sense, because that is the fundamental survival and development.

In economic development, if the resources, capital, labor, technology and other economic factors compared to the reception stage “Hamlet”, then the entrepreneur is the combination of these elements led by the guide of “The King.”

Famous economist Schumpeter in his “innovation theory” that: the entrepreneur is the kind of adventure with quality, innovation assume functions of the people. Their activity is a creative activity, although they are not always successful, but they are always trying new undertaking, probing the future, looking for new investment opportunities. They have vision, creativity and courage.

They may not invented a new method scientists, but they are the successful introduction of a new method of people; they can see where the potential market and the potential benefits of, be able to make decisions in accordance with the size of the risk and reward level. These entrepreneurs driven by the innovation activities is a spontaneous national economic growth factors, so-called “capital formation” But nothing is growth inducing factors.

On a recent Wharton Leadership Innovation Roundtable held when someone asked in their respective industries in what is the single most important factor in innovation? Large global insurance company CEO Robert Henriksen considered marketing.

“We engaged in this line of marketing is what determines the success or failure of the king. I mean real marketing activities, sales support and not in the United States, do insurance thanks to marketing efforts to support companies in all sectors must recognize the : the company is for the consumer business, we have to predict consumer demand, and come up with creative ideas. ”

This statement tells sigh businesses seeking innovation in product development and marketing value has impetus to the market.

Paul Hoffman has said, through the establishment of factories to achieve the industrialization of the country is an unrealistic idea, you must be achieved by industrialized countries to establish a market. In fact, this evidence can be found from the business activities in China.

As Prof. Le holders said that, in the past, many CEOs complain that their marketing is not effective. They found that companies spend a lot on marketing, but did not see results. One of the reasons is that they spend money on the same old conventional marketing. Extremely conservative “caveman” approach as follows:

The marketing and sales into the same position.

Emphasize care for the customer rather than the customer.

Attempt in each transaction, rather than a profit in dealing with “customer lifetime value” on.

Goal rather than a cost-plus pricing method to determine the price.

Considered separately for each communication tool, rather than considering the overall marketing

Communication tool.

Do not try to understand and meet the actual needs of customers, but just want to sell their products.

Fortunately, the old giving way to positive thinking to marketing relatively new way of thinking.

Wise companies are working to improve customer knowledge, science and technology links with customers to understand customer economics. They will invite customers to design products; and the light of changes in the market for the products and services provided flexibly adjusted; when using a more precise target media, and the use of integrated marketing communication.

So that each contact consumers deliver consistent information; more will use sales force automation software such as conferences, Internet pages, intranet and extra net and other technology; lest at any time for customers to pay for telephone, email and social media to get in touch with the company; able to find to sell the company more profitable customers, and set different levels of service; the passage as partners, rather than the naysayers.

In fact, plainly, as long as the marketing is really done, it should be easy to see, the world does not lack is the product. Moreover, your product is what is not important, it is important for consumers to consider what your product is, it is crucial to have good common sense of the method, and often the best way to save energy and extend product change fate.

From the current point of view, perhaps the best way by your own actual situation and the existing conditions cannot be met, then you have to hurry to find a true combat-type brain to help open the door to the market, so that products can withstand market validation. If you do not have such a sense of self-reliance will be able to believe clothed, that rule no.

Also, assume that through years of training and market baptism, you are really aware of the advantages of the so-called light Konghan good product on their own professional R & D can be formidable, it is extremely naive, the key is to rely on market-oriented extension of the specific operational transaction systems in order to solve practical problems.

There is a saying, at a temperature of emotional times, companies want to live better, the key will live a good method. If only subjective efforts, ignoring changes in the market and industry, and finally inevitably result in tragedy. You know, the light is not enough to have an advantage, but also to grasp the trend.

Well-known brand marketing expert, Columbia Blue Ocean International Marketing consultants Chi founder Yu Fei teacher pointed out, yield index, today’s corporate marketing, development path and its context run essentially according to the following three stages.

The first stage: mainly to meet the needs, mainly to stimulate demand. Product promotion is more of a fuss about the level of production and technical level, the specific expression of outstanding performance and emphasize effectiveness, often the product of excessive packaging, questioning and the resulting credit crisis also in the publicity business soon fall short-lived cycle. Such as Qin pool wine, love and more VCD and so on.

The second stage: mainly to meet the demand, to achieve demand-driven. Product promotion is outstanding skill-based, specific manifestations advertising campaign, celebrity endorsements, and so the concept of speculation, but basically in the number of fuss. Due to the lack of professional and technical support, most of the products as superficial, it is difficult to obtain sustained attention.

The third stage: mainly innovation needs, mining needs based. Product promotion is launched personalized solutions mainly prominent harmony, cultural, ecological philosophy, emphasizing rational and professional. Specific performance is the way that people-oriented, meticulous and means of differentiated services to show the value of the product. Through rigorous and pragmatic marketing strategy, long-term continuation of customer product recognition. Such as sea fishing “** service,” Gree “business user”, “off-season rebate” and so on.

Easy to see that the first two phases often lead to follow suit to imitate, it is highly competitive Red Sea, while the third stage is the blue ocean now much attention, it is also mental characteristics of marketing I advocated the past, enterprises Center to create value thinking steering enterprises and customers work together to create value thinking, such as apples, adhere to the people-oriented. The maximum effect is not to increase brand awareness, but to improve customer loyalty to the brand.

Mental characteristics of marketing, its essence is that the business needs to achieve economic information from trusted economic upgrade. Innovate and improve service quality, so product innovation through a series of customized services, from simple product into a “to serve as the core product,” so as to enhance loyalty and customer value-added products.Core products and services are not, but the sale of pre-sale process, these services must form a tight link, in order to reach to upgrade from the product to the service.

A brand of cosmetics enterprises through the open passenger, passenger processing, hospitality, visitors, invited guest, lock off with passengers, Poly-off, raising passengers’ affiliate marketing nine wins Scriptures “completed the steady and rapid development of the market. Only through fully understand and meet consumer psychology and consumer needs of customers, in order to become masters of our own destiny strong.

Famous brand marketing experts in Fiji teacher pointed out, the mind contains the following six characteristics marketing marketing principles.

First, precise positioning

Today, the survival of the enterprise environment is actually besieged, good, blaze trail; well, sink like a stone. The market is so cruel.

Professor Trout pointed out that in his years in the business, on large-scale international management consulting firm to trust their customers led to the disaster, there are two main lessons. The most important thing is to understand the customer mind few consultants.

Location on the war where such an important issue, little is known about the business community, and the more high-level know that the less. While large management consulting firm, as far as I know, almost no customers a clear competitive place in the mind, not to mention at this point to provide assistance for entrepreneurs.

In China, as early as two thousand years ago sages, it was clear the place to find out the importance of competition, “Art of War” opening said: “Soldiers are big, country, life and death, the survival of the Road, must be aware also. “war is expected at existing customers and expand the customer’s mind, there is a place where you win, you also lost the place. This requires you in the mind of their own brand positioning and how the company requires you to understand the following six principles that reveal how the mind works and to people making purchase decisions.

1, mental struggling to cope with: the current information overload, so you must be careful, otherwise it will be ignored.

2, mental capacity is limited: it only limited information on the brand to retain the majority of businesses are concentrated in the top two brands.

3, mental confusion disgust: your brand message must be simple, to find a word you condense locate business information, to enter and occupy the minds of customers.

4, mental insecurity: five kinds of risks that must be overcome when people shop, your strategy to provide credentials in order to overcome these risks.

5, the mind will not change: If a brand into the minds and establish position, is almost impossible to change the mind of people do not want to change their beliefs.

6, the mind loses focus: Do you want the brand stands for something more mind will be blurred, which is a competitor to occupy your original location opened its doors.

Enterprise is the most dynamic economic development and growth of the market entities, as a key leader of the boss first, to rational decision-making, with a navigation strategy for the enterprise, with the brand to boost business with innovative enterprise value.

At the beginning of the operation of the product, strategic layout, tactics of the results and expectations differ materially, feel caught them, it is difficult to get out, this time, to get a new life, you should re reasonable definition of the product, to avoid competing with cutting edge products, straight to the point, while maintaining the original consumption, based on the expansion of specific consumer groups.

Words such as uniform sea salt is added to fruit drinks, orange Chu representatives inspirational, six walnut positioning in the professional person with the brain, JDB is eradicates fire,

In reality, there are many Internet companies in pursuit of thinking, in fact, the real core is to “determine the target product, the project decided to organize” the concept of the Internet as a method of business execution, tactical focus, major breakthroughs. Haier’s “business platform, employees create customer-oriented, user personalization,

“That is so, millet phone’s “fever and students” do not like the mobile phone, but rather to do the same necessities. As the boss, if not the genetic and cultural resources of the enterprise through precise marketing deep-processing methods, resulting in intellectual life around the needs of the expanded brand story, and go into brand building, is a great waste. This does not, in addition to the daily operation and management, Dong Mingus product spokesperson, micro-film appearance, even wrote books, motivational speakers.

To a number of homogeneous products stand out, to promote its positioning on the unique selling proposition and essential interests of its commitment to the point whether the point, with the spread and ductility is related to a product in the market in the end be able to go long, ability to target consumers effectively leaving memories.

In western countries, the US General Foods produced coffee firmly occupy the leading position in the market enjoy a good reputation and the best return on sales in all walks of life, and why?

GM food because of its various brands of coffee to re-market positioning, for different target consumer groups to determine their different uses and differences of points of interest, the greatest degree of satisfaction of consumers, for their loyalty and satisfaction.Therefore, regardless of which brand they like, what modulation method, and regardless of what time they want, enjoy what the occasion, General Foods can meet their needs.

Thus, we can now think of our business in many market segments.

Speaking of market segmentation, in fact, is based on consumer demand for products and marketing mix, the market is divided into groups of buyers with different needs, personality or behavior, and to outline the contours of market segments, with the aim for each purchase groups who take a unique product or marketing mix strategies, Shuijingfang and Deluxe their high-end positioning, the market apparently made effective cutting. To enable enterprises to find their target market, determine the best marketing strategy for the target market in order to get the best benefits.

Enterprises should understand that if you do not take the initiative to locate, people and society will be “fixed.” Therefore, you are positioned on the characteristics of R & D technology, function or emotional appeal, or the vision of the value of the state, whether directly related to how precise positioning attracted relevant target groups.

After the operation of the product for a period of time, actual results may differ materially and the expected value, then in order to be reborn, re-define the reasonable products, such as the words of a unified sea salt is added to fruit drinks, orange Chu representatives inspirational six walnut positioning in the professional person with the brain, JDB is eradicates fire to edge away from competing products, while maintaining the original consumer groups on the expansion of consumer groups

Second, experience optimization

How the Internet age enterprise development?

We must conduct a comprehensive brand management.

Famous brand marketing experts in Fiji teacher was invited to teach in Nanjing, the “Internet thinking”, pointed out that a comprehensive brand management is about the whole organization, the whole process, the whole staff, all indicators of brands, it is a sublime combination, really is the quality ; good character is; beauty is taste.

With practice and Upgrade Marketing 3.0 concept of marketing has shifted from product-centric to consumer demand and consumer experience and the emotional resonance center.

The so-called experience economy, is an enterprise to serve as the center of gravity in order for the material goods for the consumer to create a memorable experience.

Experience economy is different from the traditional economy: the traditional economy is mainly oriented products powerful, good looks, the price advantage; experience economy is starting from life and situation, create sensory experience and thinking identity in order to seize the attention of consumers force, changing consumer behavior and find new living space and value for the product.

In general, we can experience is divided into four areas: entertainment (singing, dancing, etc.), educational experience (tell consumers what their products are, how to use the best, etc.), escapist experience (tea, playing, etc.), aesthetic experience.

These four combined experience is a complete customer experience, however, there are a lot of people do not understand this, that the activity is put forward experience, put forward a promotion is to experience, to do service work is to experience.

In fact, experience marketing is a systematic marketing ideas, is to serve as the focus of the commodity as a prop, to provide consumers with a consumer context, in situations where consumers through participation, interaction, leaving the customer a unique, wonderful memories, and finally reached the process of buying loyalty.

A hospital in Jiangsu Province, now has more than 400 million fans of traditional Chinese medicine, nephrology ward actually appeared moxibustion, sticking, feet or “special needs service experience.” Of course, fans are happy because they can play a supporting role in the kidney. As for the “sea fishing you cannot learn” their services would not have said.

Therefore, the product on the market, exploiting the boundary, we must break the inertia of thinking in the past, drawing on the traditional model and tricks on the basis of seeking a breakthrough and innovation. The target object defined in the “personal basis and provide targeted to meet, establish a direct one to one relationship with him, such as today’s popular conference marketing, experiential marketing, tourism marketing and so on.

Professor Phillip Kotler said that enterprises should be a breakthrough in sales for the sole purpose of frame of mind, you must think about the lifetime value to the customer – that is the present value of the future can be obtained from the customer who benefits companies need to consider how to a certain category of customers made with someone bigger business. Therefore, enterprises should aim is to bring long-term value for customers and create more lasting elect to maintain customer relations.

To experience the center create a new beautiful personalized full channel marketing model full-contact for customers around the product by consumers bring personal experience and feelings, so that they are the masters, and actively participate in, enjoy the material from which the product features on harvesting and emotional enjoyment.

Usually by trying out, tasting and other ways to expand customer service, due to meet the individual needs of established reputation and interactive communication between the two sides, product features and functionality to be quickly admitted to consumers, Province under a lot of advertising costs.

Currently, the “Internet +” is a great change, is an innovative, open and integration of gesture to show today is the era of a business larger than life, an emotional temperature of the times, but also a tendency to get rid of the age scale. As small and medium enterprises, how innovative gene? How to optimize survival?

Only with more topics to develop and influence the content of products, to build around the core competitive business ecosystem to integrate global resources and enhance their own hematopoietic function, the control organization or body of the original production enterprises transition to interactive services value body, in order to ultimately achieve corporate brand upgrade from economy to trust the information economy goals.

Therefore, user-driven business imperative. Demand period, the enterprise product is king; oversupply period, the enterprise channel for the king; overcapacity larger period, the enterprise user is king, the user is king is the most significant business changes.

User-centric. Enterprises to user-centric Internet is the best way to achieve user-centric, enterprise and user nearest, shortest time, at any time be able to communicate with the information on the Internet site with users with the fastest speed to meet user It needs.

User-centric business requires all the user needs, rather than from their own needs, from the “IT” becomes “TI”, “I” is the “I”, “T” is his, “IT” is he preceded me, “TI” is his first after me, from the Internet to solve the “IT” to “TI” changes.

Business users . After the business products and business users should be given priority before the age of the Internet should be run on the user management products, the first user to run a good, serve to create value for customers. Business users to focus on five aspects to grasp:

User location . Target users are the most important issue of business should be allocated to the user good business in the market segments.

Build up customers. The best way to set up a business user base according to user location, build the user base is to develop a user community of users to classify, key service good “gold user.”

Interaction with users . Enterprises through interaction with the user, find the demand “pain point” where, in particular, to strengthen the user experience, training the user’s reputation and viscous, so that no interaction is not a business, not a business without experience.

Create value for customers . Value user to participate in the creation of products, enterprises through an iterative manner, allowing users to participate in product design and production to meet the customized products and personalized service user needs.

Employees make their own decisions . Creating value for customers is the main body of employees, business change management to organize, establish independent management body staff, direct business customers, creating value for customers.

Currently, in order to have the market demand for the product, in addition to the familiar and the gradual deepening of users thinking, should the evolution of the user requirements into specific consumer scenarios, and this scenario must meet the consumer’s mind imagination to evoke consumption the desire to use.

Consumer scene of at least should be done:

1, the user pain point depth perception and satisfaction;

2, the user needs stealth mining guide;

3, designed to enhance the user experience feedback with the full participation of.

If our products can be given to maximize the personification, the user hit with customers around the emotional connection, good product really began to speak.

Third, the promotion of innovation

A complete product should include three levels: one is the core product, available to consumers core functions (such as wear-resistant flooring, environmental protection); the second is peripheral products to help consumers understand and use (such as flooring installation specification, quality assurance, etc.); the third is the extension of the product, and not directly related to core products (such as sales staff, shopping environment, services, etc.).

For the customer, only these three levels are available, can be called a complete product, he can get the full value from us. For example, when you walk into McDonald’s, which is clean and tidy environment, playing beautiful music, children’s playground filled with children’s laughter figure, waiters greet you with a smile, which is an experience, but also a part of customer value.

Is there a product market competitiveness, in addition to the obvious differences between opponents, the customer has to agree with some exclusive value is crucial. Filaments Xuan cosmetics through the “Find country’s most beautiful smile” theme touched the hearts of many fans.

Now, many companies are very focused consumer database marketing, which is a reflection of a unique group of customers in the market formed, segmentation strategy will help us to grasp more pulsating consumption, companies can recognize and respond to changing customer by demand and value for the customer to continue to find and create new value, it is his performance in the integrated database integration was based on the breakdown of the database of customers and potential customers, and then analyzes the user information, and they were clearly the best channels of communication time and circumstances from which existing consumer groups broken down to identify specific ways to learn to identify and contact those brands to support changes in attitudes of consumers maintain the status quo or change purchasing behavior.

Kang Furui health status of their homes for elderly members but not more than the Internet, made a series of promotion of the old with the small, members can buy things in the store in exchange for raffle tickets or coupons, can be used only in the online store, “forced” Internet will not ask to go home for the elderly and children, with the flow, then quality and low price attracted the younger age groups.

Zhang believes that a core competitiveness of enterprises should be achieved in two consolidation, one is the enterprise system and the market mechanism of integration; one is the integration of product features and user requirements. On growth companies, the latter revealing that the independent consumer groups personalized service while booting to meet the spiritual or emotional, specific way:

Interent consumer:

Has been or is being used in consumer, through ongoing communication, organizing large-scale theme of integrated activities, micro-channel micro-blog interactive, customer participation hot line, giving small gifts, mail DM, organizes regular club activities, stability loyalty of its brand.

Potential consumers:

Now not used the product, but in the future it will be possible to purchase or use of consumers through popular science lectures, community outreach, word of mouth publicity, experts boot door visits, instill and deepen the impression of consumer product features and learn to make products after becoming the first choice of consumers when needed.

Consumers can tap:

Want to use, but distrustful or sidelines consumers, through participation in fun brand culture and personality ** The service performance and distributing product information, in line with consumer organizations lively physiological and age characteristics of diversification interesting public welfare activities, enhance consumer confidence, promote the purchase.

Is there a product market competitiveness, in addition to obvious differences with opponents, but also have some unique value has been recognized by customers. Filaments Xuan cosmetics through the “Find country’s most beautiful smile” theme touched the hearts of many fans. Now, many companies are very focused customer database. In a unique market consumer groups formed, segmentation strategy will help us to grasp the pulse of the consumer, companies can create new value by understanding the changing needs of customers.

Co-ordination in the database, based on the breakdown of the database inherent buyers and potential buyers, and then to analyze the information, clearly the best time to communicate with them, so that existing customer groups broken down, learn to identify what factors to support customers maintain the status quo or change purchasing behavior.Kang Furui health status of their homes for elderly members but not more than the Internet, made a series of promotion of the old with the small, members can buy things in the store in exchange for raffle tickets or coupons, can be used only in the online store, “forced” Internet will not ask to go home for the elderly and children, with the flow, then quality and low price attracted the younger age groups.

Zhang believes that the core competitiveness of enterprises should be achieved in two consolidation, one is integrated enterprise system and the market mechanism, one is the integration of product features and user requirements. On growth companies, the latter meaning that the different consumer groups, personalized service at the same time guidance and emotional satisfaction, the specific way:

Interent customer: customer has been used or is being used, through ongoing communication, organizing large-scale theme of integrated activities, micro-channel micro-blog interactive, customer participation hot line, giving small gifts, mail DM, organizes regular club activities, its stable brand loyalty .

Potential customers: now have not used the product, but in the future it will be possible customer purchased or used by popular science lectures, community outreach, word of mouth publicity, experts door visits and other guided deepen customer product features impression and understanding, so that Be the first choice of customers when necessary.

Customers can tap: Customers who want to use but do not trust or wait and see attitude, through personalized service, distribution of product information, customer age characteristics of the organization in line with public service activities to enhance customer confidence and promote the purchase.

Fourth, the reset target

Moment, companies according to their own development characteristics, develop a long-term development strategy in line with the enterprise. In fact, the corporate strategy is to solve the “why” business tactics is to solve the “how.” Enterprises should focus on innovation to upgrade and enhance the sensitivity of the market, in order to obtain long-term development in the market competition.

Amway tradition also established a social business platform, community activities platform, the general manager said: alone entity off line experience, efficiency is not high enough; but rely on on line consumers is difficult to form sticky, so be sure to open up on line and off line.

Integration of the current property market, functional and emotional positioning positioning can be said that the core strength of competing products. Enterprises to combine their advantages in resources, products, markets, and brand assets accumulation and integration. In the process of accumulation of brand equity among and establish a caring, honest, caring and other core ideas, so that by these core ideas to establish a good relationship between the product and the customer. For example, the product in order to obtain the favor of young people, there are three indicators: a simple and fun;

2 clear stand; 3 emotional intimate.

There is a community of love X network business platform, launched in 2014 during the World Cup two packages, one is “based Friends of packages” – Xuyi crayfish and cold beer, as long as the circle of friends to share activities, free delivery packages. One is the “coax his girlfriend package”, including cherry tomatoes, dried fruit, yogurt. The reason for this is because every night watching the boys and girls in the cold, two packages, so that boys and girls have their own income.

In the growing homogenization of today, companies must be in the development of products based on innovation, and create a humane advantages in the course, for business, products and optimize the combination of price, and create a new market structure. But also continue to introduce unique new products, development of potential consumer demand, seeking new customer growth, truly “no one I have, I have gifted, gifted people I call.” Thus, the only real advantage to attract customers and conditions.

In addition, if and when the existing brand image of the original functional demands can not attract customers, should be re-find the target customers, namely those who are looking for the benefits of the brands of interest to their target, but also can get brand new opportunity for development. Of course, this requires full understanding of the product on the market, or even repositioning not identify the target, or to no avail.

Affiliate marketing

The changing world of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is changing every year, giving the league a new way of generating revenue and eliminating old methods. In 2015, a number of affiliate marketing trends have changed the dynamics of the industry. Here are the five most important changes:Affiliate marketing is changing every year, giving the league a new way of generating revenue and eliminating old methods. In 2015, a number of affiliate marketing trends have changed the dynamics of the industry. Here are the five most important changes:

1. More attention to niche marketing.

For all products or services are widely used extensive network marketing era gone. This trend, which began a few years ago, has become more prominent in 2015, motivating marketing alliances to focus on niche niches to increase traffic, improve search engine rankings and build trust in audiences.

A niche market is a smaller subset of consumers with specific interests, hobbies, or goals. For example, affiliate marketing can target hobbies such as golf or photography. Alternatively, they can target a group of people (such as adolescents) or values (such as energy efficiency). Niche marketing is beneficial for all parties, as it forces the alliance to create customized content that is of interest to smaller groups of people, who are more inclined to buy.

2. More possibilities for mobile marketing.

In 2015, affiliate marketing in the mobile-side further development, more and more alliances optimize the mobile site and make full use of push notification. This advantage is demonstrated in the data. According to Internet Retailer statistics, in January 2015 the alliance sales, 36% of the Union sales are imported in the mobile terminal.
Unable to use mobile technology alliance may lag behind its competitors. As more consumers use smart phones and tablets to shop, businesses increasingly rely on mobile-friendly applications and websites.

3. The application of large data increases.

Affiliate marketers are also starting to use big data stats for marketing. As more big data is available to marketers, the number of applicants is growing geometrically. Consortia can use large data for analysis to determine the maximum source of its traffic and its key demographic distribution. They can also compare different strategies and techniques to determine what can best be achieved in practice. In 2016 and the next time, large data applications will continue to become more in-depth.

4. Increased reliance on the site attribution model.

Coalition In affiliate marketing, the attribution model allows the merchant to track the click behavior chain that ultimately leads to a purchase. Consumers may click on a federated link, turn off the page, and then click from the other source to enter the same link. This led to the loss of the previous alliance. The site attribution model allows agencies to adjust prices and payment models based on consumer behavior.

5. Unique alliance cooperation

In 2015, a unique alliance cooperation system emerged, and new ways of bringing attention to products and services changed the business model. The company’s collaboration with schools, sports teams, and other organizations has changed the picture of affiliate marketing. In addition, merchants will donate a percentage of affiliate marketing revenue from charitable and nonprofit organizations and further fund-raising for these organizations through affiliate marketing.

2015 has quietly left, 2016 Union marketing will usher in more changes. This also changes the way affiliate marketers send and receive cash. If you’d like to use the convenient global payment option.

Sometimes, sales training , and “advanced” marketing strategy to bring you much more harm than good, especially the use of your skills away from the most useful thing for you. Here is an example.

My wife wants to buy a new car. She likes sports, so we went to a dealer to see BMW 13 5i. Sales were wandering in the parking lot, as if there is no reception customer sales staff should not do such a thing, they see us driving in the interior through the rows of cars, we finally stopped in front of 135i car.

A young man came, apparently it was his turn. After a brief greeting, he apparently started in accordance with the list of psychological sales techniques to start selling.

Obviously, the “verify your sales leads,” he was the first on the list. But he was not doing well, so he continued down a “to determine customer demand”, he asked what we seek in a car inside. Not rude, my wife asked a few of his hard question (for polite euphemism, she has her own skills), probably because he has been to focus on the use of the training learned something higher on sales and therefore could not answer them.

Then he surprised us. He stopped talking, took a deep breath and said:. “I’m sorry I really hate this wait a minute, I’ll get someone who can really help your people.

My wife relented, but as a methodical care about a wife should not be doing, she said: “No, we do not need anyone else, you’re doing well Hey, you ever tell me. opened in any one of these cars?

Oh, of course,” he said. Clearly see mood has improved. “They really quickly I might not say this, but they are better than the M3 control.” He looked around to ensure that no one in the vicinity, and then said: “Even if you do not intend to buy, you should at least test drive, this really make people feel very excited.

We test drive, and she also bought a car. (Until a year later, she was very fond of. Initially, he did something wrong it? He let himself into training that is not their own sales staff. He tried to become a verified sales leads, build relationships, and to introduce the features and specifications of efforts to obtain commitment of people.

In the process he gave his strongest one. He stopped doing his own, stopping to make a car passionate youth. Consider using your current marketing strategies. Whether they keep you away from your strengths? If you are naturally introverted, do not try to become this guy. In terms of sales, said to be much more effective than listening.

If you are observant and good instincts, do not bound in the verification process.In our example, we stopped in front of a row of 13 5i quite expensive car, so any sales staff can safely guess that we are interested in this car. (In fact, you test drive the car more than you might be able to provide answers about the verification of sales leads more convincing) in “Hello,”, the best sales staff, he said: “Tell me what you want to drive away which one, I’ll get you to pick up the keys.

If you are naturally easy-going love chatting, then please do not try to take the professional route or authority. Use chat with friends like to talk the way, of course, with a purpose. As long as you are sincere, potential customers will respond.  Sounds simple, right? Really quite simple …… but many people ignore the sales techniques they use should contribute to their strengths.  This is the best of all marketing strategy, you can put this policy is applied to any industry.

Comments ( 4 ) Favorites (5)share it: advertising “Is as important in today’s market, providing services as to provide inexpensive products.” Last month, participate in the second summit of a Global Sources buyer Amazon seller told me so. On line retail has created a flat world, buyers easy on product prices and features “shop around” and want to return the seller to provide security policies. However, in such a world, it can bring the biggest difference is the service that helps customers solve problems.

In other words, the solution to customers and create more value.Publisher Profile Peoples “world managers” publisher and president of Global Sources Corporate Affairs.

Mr. Pei grams responsible for China’s leading business management media “world managers” of sales, marketing and operational issues. Mr. Pei to manage global resources of marketing and corporate communications work. Mr. Pei in October 1986 joined Global Sources, the period from 1989 to 1992 responsible for managing the company’s sales in the Chinese market, as the company’s general manager in China during the period 1992-1999.During 1999-2010 Peoples as chief operating officer of Global Sources. Peoples graduated from Yale University, majoring in linguistics.

From the perspective of value, state design consultancy chairman compare different products to sell and sell solutions: selling products to bring the modest processing profits, selling solutions to bring more high profits; Sell bring products to the seller is a trade customer, to sell solutions for the seller to bring a strategic partner; selling products team just thinking about how to get a foothold in the market of the product, and sell solutions but asked the team to consider how to sell a service

Solutions to create more customer value, while blocking force to help corporate competitors, to break from the competition in the homogenization of the product. China National Bureau of Statistics released data show that in 2015 the country’s industrial enterprises above designated size achieved a total profit of 6.3554 trillion yuan, down 2.3 percent over the previous year, which is the first drop year on year growth over the years. The main reason is the lack of demand led to production and sales is slowing down markedly. The reason for lack of demand, homogeneous products can not solve the problem of customer pain points.

Shenzhen City, south slightly marketing and management consulting limited company chairman Ke Zu opinion, customers now more and more difficult to make money, business from past customers earn money into trying to help customers make money. He believes that, when positioned on a business solutions provider, the possibility of enterprises to win the market competition is even greater (see article: Beyond products, win in the solution ).

Konica Minolta launched the first in the industry towards solutions to value-added service providers strategic transformation. After ten consecutive years, China A3 format color multifunction machine market, the company has a chance to win the competition in more market segments (see article: Konica Minolta: Transition to create new value ).

How to design and deliver solutions? First and foremost, it is from the customer’s problem. 3 Glasses company CEO Wang Jie believes that only after fully understand the customer’s pain points in order to provide the most appropriate solution; if the customers themselves as staff to go over the process, the results tend to exceed customer expectations.

VR solutions leveraging the development of the industry ).”Preface” Highlights:
• How to Make innovation gene Enterprises

• Chain management to exceed customer expectations

• New Hope Chinese-made

• Patent better it?

• The future, why come?

• From what I “need” to my “want”

• Why is 99% of the customer record have failed?

• How creative crowd sourcing out?

• What management topics red for 10 years?

• Scandal or word of mouth, social media affects brand?

• What makes us insist on for 13 years?

• Mutual suspicions intensified trade crisis

• Information of the “Brave New World”, who can see?

• Misinterpretation of “a passenger movement”

• A prerequisite for success is to learn to dream • From 0-1, would you? • Sore point was important

• “Earth boss” curiosity • Enough “soft” is there a future

• Pain is longing for change

• Management practices under the new Norma

• Made in China on a new journey

• Construction of Soft Power: innovation, education and creativity

• Cause Cenozoic

Tangible and intangible wins

• Light lit Innovation

• Select Growth

• Critical moment, now

Three years ago, a well-known listed companies to publish millions of scale management consulting tender, known to look for top consulting firms to cooperate. For a time the lakes restlessness biggest names gathered, Geluyinghao ran this imaginary fat, trying out their ace in the hole, in order to lock on, won the first Quebec.Surprisingly, the listed company finally decided to slow down cooperation projects, full of expectations of various bidders empty-handed.

Three years later, the company once again issued a call to make, once stranded start of the project, the director of Lee where international consulting company has been formally invited.

Value proposition for an organization’s strategy, business model, brand and marketing are very important topics.However, this concept seems to be just the academic and consulting industry widely adopted, the actual leader of the enterprise has little importance.

Articles in the July column, “Do you really know what you’re selling it,” a text, I mentioned the “core demands of hitting the target customer value proposition,” today we have to start on this topic.