Brands can not imitate, it is long out of the heart

Brands can not imitate, it is long out of the heart

I want to share a case, I believe that the presence of too many people is to have Apple’s IPH0NE, is that listening to music, there may be several compatriots from Taiwan also have some knowledge, that is, Apple Ipad, after listing Ipad, no Creative people remember, that Apple pay more attention to the promotion and marketing, Creative perhaps major error committed in Singapore is that they think they sell products, technology, and Apple has recognized that he was selling an experience, they sell the emotional sense of belonging, I think I have IPOD, because we are a brand, brand sounds like magic.

I would like to ask the representative of the presence there of Li Ning? There does not matter, because in fact I think this case has taught us a lot that we can learn a lot from here, that we from this figure, we can feel what the original idea was it? Imitation, thought I was going tick, you can raise the price several times, and learning is a method of overall performance, the overall design language, but in fact, the real success of the brand not produce so simple.

OEM manufacturers know that imitation can be very successful, we do not have to look down to imitate, but the brand is not so simple, then the company has recognized this, I felt it to change himself, his knowledge from the original mark become another identification mark, the original slogan from a slogan into another, the overall volume of orders from the net profit for the third quarter are declining, with double-digit decline, more terrible.

The important question is why? Many analysts express their own views, the real reason is complex, I believe, anyway, some say the administration of Li Ning brand company may underestimate the difficulty of the transition, and it’s time, perhaps as soon as they put the pricing strategy changed, It is to hike.

There is the original brand’s strength is not good enough, perhaps, as I just said to mimic the main, I have taken a lot of brand masters opinions, they also continue to promote the brand is determined to have their own, from their own heart grow, do not avoid those who own real source, do not imitate others.

Consumer-oriented product innovation is the best innovation

New product development is a systematic project, its core is already consumer-oriented, starting from the consumer, the consumer insight into the real heart of the demand, every business needs to be done before the innovative products on the basis of the work, the only way to new technology from research exhibit achievements to come out into the consumer market and public life, but also for enterprises to inject new vitality, create new profit growth point.

Product innovation is the enterprise survival and development of core strategies

Global Business numerous innovative products to market each year, but 80% failed.

Product innovation has been not a single problem encountered by enterprises, but a global problem.

Product Innovation – Enterprises Succeed

Procter & Gamble from 1837 to today started a piece of soap, with more than 300 brands, the output value of over one billion US dollars there are 27 brands, products can be maintained behind the high market share, it is the continuous development of new products. P & G every year in new product research and development about $ 1.3 billion investment, the world has more than 7000 scientists into research and development of new products;

Sony Corporation of Japan in the beginning of the century, the new product had to reserve in 2030, its annual investment in new product research funding accounted for 10% of sales value –30% of its R & D personnel more than 10,000 people;

The grass is always greener consumers forced down companies must continue to innovate in order to survive and develop. But the reality is that 80 percent of innovative products failed a year.

Many companies complain, even if the product made the most detailed market research, but finally failed. Faced with the development of new products, all businesses were struck with the same kind of emotion: the introduction of new products are not “die”, the introduction of new products, “court death.”

Why consumers do not buy the product innovation

September 1984, Coca-Cola management whim, declare a change in its popular 99-year Coca-Cola formula, the introduction of New Coke. After more than six months, New Coke more than 100,000 people after a survey by the market was hit by a strong consumer boycott and protest, “This new stuff is worse than the taste of Pepsi.” “You should be ashamed of the Coca-Cola label attached to the top. ” Three months later, Coca-Cola had to restore its traditional production. The matter was “New York Times” called one of America’s most important business a hundred years of mistakes.

New Coke will not be accepted by the public of the reason is very simple. Consumer demand can be divided into material needs and psychological needs. Test prior to listing is basically only got to meet the material aspects of information, two psychological level information can not be obtained. Coca-Cola for US consumers is a traditional cultural symbol of New Coke so that consumers feel betrayed.

Therefore, do not rely too much on your survey data, and insight into the real idea behind consumer. Consumers will only to meet their physical and psychological needs of innovative products pay.

Product innovation model – Funnel Development Model

New products, research and development of new technologies is not just business things, the world’s major institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes are a hotbed of new technologies.

The basic model of innovation system is the Cooperative Innovation. Cooperative refers to enterprises, universities and research institutions to use their own advantages, through cooperation to make technological innovation to achieve, the butt coupled downstream to make innovative achievements into productive forces, to improve efficiency and achieve scientific and technological innovation and economic Coordinated development. United States, Japan, Britain and other countries in accordance with their actual form their own research to develop characteristic pattern. 1993 UNESCO believes universities and industry cooperation can make outstanding contributions to the process of industrialization in developing countries, to study, and research as a priority to promote.

As a master of the theory of knowledge, major colleges and universities in the study should be fully integrated practice, not just dedicated to books, drill out the theoretical knowledge. Research and development of the main force, scientific research institutes in terms of product development and can not “ears do not hear out of the window, bent only made useless” on the results behind closed doors will only appear more and more products out of the market theory.

This shows the need in product development and the transformation process, the research closely. On the one hand the school a better application of scientific research into the development process, on the other hand also, and enterprise-depth cooperation. However, the current scientific and technological achievements into productive forces or of the ability of new products is still lacking.

For new product development model has come a long period of exploration. In order to improve the success rate of new products, new product development model even today still innovation. Today in the field of global new product development model is entering the next frontier of innovation in order to improve the success rate of new product development – Funnel new product development model.

Brand founding: China to Germany to learn what?

World War II, Hitler’s Third Reich complete destruction, but he promised to let cars into people’s homes, but realized in Germany.

2010 Inter brand Best Global 100 came out, looking through their list is a loss to find a Chinese brand, as people feel distraught sigh. There is no doubt that the United States topped the list, and is ranked second in the biggest losers in World War II – Germany. The industrial revolution in Germany for nearly a full 80 years later than in England. The “Made in Germany”, but was then “world factory” nose. Since the end of World War II, but also more than 60 years, the German nation in later years, with its strict attitude to create numerous well-known brands. Germany such a short time fast rise speed seemed unbearably frightening.

From the “national car” to ” Volkswagen “

When it comes to the German brand, people’s first reaction will be the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen brand cars such as the birthplace of the automobile, Germany repairer industry really come out on top. But everyone knows, in 1929, per capita car ownership has lagged far behind Germany and Britain and France, every 237 people have a car, and the UK 45 people, there were a contrast, really deserve the title of car power. The reason is that the German production car-based luxury style to its high price and the price of fuel tax greatly limits the number of sales.

Hitler came to power in the first 11 days, he announced the concept of “national car”: a top speed of 100 kilometers, less than 7 liters hundred kilometers, can carry two adults and three children, the price of not more than 1000 marks, so everyone has their own cars. The same day, “Volkswagen” (Volkswagen) was the first mention of the word. Under Hitler strongly encourage vehicle production strategy, most car companies in the pursuit of the Nazi economy independent strategy, adjust their own production, won the survival and development of the war period.

World War II, Hitler’s Third Reich complete destruction, but he promised to let cars into people’s homes, but realized in Germany. After World War II, the Germans did not correct from a political point of view, and remove those with Nazi Volkswagen factory mark, but remains the development of this “Hitler product” and to be supported.

They will focus on the “Beetle” car that is this small car, after the United States broke the Ford “T Model” sales record, creating a new era. Germany has since officially become Europe’s largest car producer and exporter. It is by virtue of the first German “Volkswagen” brand insistence, which makes the “national car” concept was finally realized, it has now become a true sense of Volkswagen cars.

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