Collagen synthesis and bone mineral content increases



A degree exhibit increased collagen synthesis, an increase in the content of bone mineral storage, the ability to increase bone strength through enhanced stimulation in new bone formation, and the inhibition of bone (bone deterioration).

Collagen is a protein-based building material that forms key connective tissues in the body (ligaments, ligaments, tendons, cartilage and bones themselves).

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This tissue is what keeps the different components of the body, and there are even bundles of connective tissue between the muscles fibers that themselves hold the bundles of collagen (muscle bundles together to form the muscular belly) along the inside.

Extremely low HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) are well documented in the doses of anabolic steroids, and the effects of steroids on bone and connective tissue power.

This is a major reason for the use of anabolic steroids for the treatment of osteoporosis and for the accelerated healing of nail fractures and bone damage problems.

Testosterone Enantatm has proven to have only 250mg every 21 days that have been proven to increase bone mineral density by only 5% (ADH 5%) when compared to only eleven doses (by performance standards) within 6 months.

Testosterone is a small and frequent application of bone weakness associated with aging. Such increases (or other causes of bone injuries) such as fractures provide healing, especially as they provide a strong indication for the very beneficial effects of steroids.

It is well known that there is a deficiency in physical ability to endogenous androgen levels as well as many other deficiencies for any reason, such as aging (androposis) and hypogonadism.

Reduction of exhibit in general body height. This disruption of the bone with age causes the body height to decrease, resulting in a decrease in endogenous testosterone production with age (once again referred to as andropause).

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