How to determine your proxy is highly anonymous or transparent

anonymous proxy

Who Are The Network Agents?

Agent, also known as Network Agent, is a special kind of network service that allows a network terminal (typically clients) via this service with another network terminal (usually a server) non-direct connection. Some gateways, routers and other network equipment with network proxy capabilities.

Agency services are generally believed to help protect the privacy or security of network terminals and prevent attacks.

Agency services computer systems or other types of network terminal called a proxy server.

Requests to establish a connection to the target server or obtain the specified resource (for example, a file) of the target server according to the proxy protocol used by the proxy server.

If the client wants to obtain the resource in the proxy server’s cache, the proxy server will not send the request to the target server but directly return cached resources.

What Is The Proxy Protocols?

Some proxy protocols allow the proxy server to change the client’s original request to the original response of the target server to satisfy the needs of the proxy protocol.

Proxy server options and settings in a computer program typically include a “firewall” that allows the user to enter the proxy address through proxysite, which covers their network activity and allows filtering across the Internet for network access.

Increase the speed of access: usually the proxy server is set to a larger buffer, when the outside information is passed, but also to save it to the buffer, when other users access the same information, then directly from the buffer remove the information, passed to the user, in order to improve access speed.

You can use for educational network open all kinds of FTP Download and upload, as well as various types of information sharing and other services.

Filtering content: for example, limiting access to specific computers, translating data from one language to another, or defending offensive access to both sides of a proxy server.

Hide real IP: Internet users can also hide their own IP through the proxy server, from attack. However, it is difficult for only one agent to guarantee safety. A safer method is to use a specific tool to set up an agent chain (e.g. Tor).

Break their own IP access restrictions: visit foreign sites. The Education Network and 169 network users such as Internet users can visit foreign websites.

Break through the content filtering mechanism to restrict access to filtered sites. Restrictions on internet access in China such as the Great Firewall of Fire can be overcome by browsing through the proxy server.

But every time the National Day, the two sessions and other sensitive period, the Great Firewall of the firewall will greatly enhance the blockade, most of the proxy server and proxy software will not be able to connect. (Such as: Tor, free door, unbounded browsing.