Macular degeneration diagnosis method

AREDS2 or early AMD patients a role here?

AREDS study showed that the recipe for non-AMD or very early AMD (such as a small amount of tiny glass

Glass warts) patients without effect. These patients are more necessary to optimize the structure of the eye healthy diet.

Whether I should be taken with caution AREDS2 formula supplements?

Yes. When intake of large doses of vitamins and minerals, you must proceed with caution. You should do

Consult a doctor to see if supplements can interfere with other medications.

Such as cranberries or saffron and other nutritional supplements effective?

There is no conclusive evidence that cranberries or saffron can reduce the risk of macular degeneration or slow it down.

How do you know they are suffering from macular degeneration?

You will not notice the early symptoms of macular degeneration (drusen appear), so check the eye and macular vital

important. Early onset macular degeneration usually are not easy to detect symptoms.

With the development of eye disease, you may have the following symptoms:

■ difficult to feel when reading or another work requires fine vision;

■ Video deformation distortion originally looked straight or curved corrugated;

■ recognizing faces difficult;

■ central field of vision to be dark or blank.

Need brighter lighting, sensitive to glare, decreased night vision, color vision loss, etc., may mean with eye problems.

Vision changes in any form cannot be ignored, we cannot simply think that this is the eye, “presbyopia.” Whether it is Dry or wet macular degeneration, the earlier the diagnosis, the sooner you can take steps to slow down the development of eye diseases.

Especially which is wet macular degeneration, early start of treatment, the greater the possibility of preservation of vision.

Must let the eye care specialist and macular eye exams, and follow-up regularly review their recommendations.

If sudden changes in vision or the onset of symptoms, you should immediately see a specialist ophthalmology, cannot be delayed (Within one week).

Early detection and early intervention is the key to the preservation of vision.

Visual acuity visual distortion (distortion) decreased contrast sensitivity dark spots (central blind spot)

Macular degeneration diagnosis method

Dilated pupils

Eye care specialist may use eye drops to enlarge your pupils to be able to fully observe and inspect

Inside the eye retina. Dilated pupils after a few hours, your vision may be blurred. Pupil returned to close

Before shrinking, you cannot drive.

Retinal image

This is a photographic technique optometrists and ophthalmologists typically use dedicated check retina. Retinal image

To see details of the retina, the eye can be used as the basis for future comparative examination.

Fluorescein angiography

If the ophthalmologist suspected presence of wet macular degeneration, they generally use fluorescein angiography for further adjustment

check. Doctors fluorescent dye injected into the blood vessels from the arm. Dye quickly reach the eye, and with the blood in the retina

Film circulation. Doctors can be observed any abnormal situation, find the damaged blood vessels. At the same

When a camera with a special filter will take a series of photos. The whole process takes a few minutes.

Optical coherence tomography

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan has become routine diagnosis and management of wet macular degeneration

Standard procedures. OCT is a non-invasive imaging technique that uses light to generate extremely high precision retina

Organization tomography.

Before heading to eye care specialists at the examination, you should find out whether there are any special requirements. E.g.,

After checking whether you can drive home yourself.

Amsler Grid tests for eye

Amsler Grid is an essential tool for self-monitoring, you can use it to discover whether changes in visual acuity and macular

Degeneration. You may notice vision changes include image distortion (straight lines become wavy), shadow

Or blank. Amsler Grid cannot be used as medicine for diagnostic purposes, cannot substitute for a regular eye check

check. Amsler Grid in use process, if the sudden change in vision, you should immediately tell

ophthalmologist. Amsler Grid test were your two eyes, each eye to identify possible the problem. This is a very important step in this test.

Amsler Grid

Amsler Grid function is to detect the symptoms of macular degeneration. It does not replace a regular basis by the eye care specialist your eyes checked.

  • Early detection is the key to the preservation of macular degeneration vision.
  • If you have concerns about your vision changes,
  • Should immediately ophthalmologist advice, do not delay.
  • Foundation with magnetic backside Amsler Grid.
  • You can secure it on the refrigerator door for visual inspection every day.
  • Look normal vision eye care specialist immediately
  • If you see wavy lines or squares twist
  • Bending stress or blurry or defect,
  • This may be a symptom of macular degeneration.

Sudden vision changes how to do?

  1. Do not delay, immediately see eye
  2. Care experts.
  3. Instructions:

Do you usually wear removal of reading?

Wearing glasses or contact lenses;The square table lift to the eye height,

Distance to maintain normal eye when reading from; cover one eye. With uncovered Eye gaze central square black spots (Make sure the other eye completely Covered;

Replace the eye, repeat the above steps.