Mothers Day Festival

Celebrate Mother’s Day, Mommy year thanks to the hard work, Grand Hyatt Taipei launched various activities including physical and mental Shuhuo ‘favorite Mummy “SPA project, 105 minutes stretch of the physical and spiritual journey, the mother forgets the daily worries, with pleasure and his family for the holidays. Another design diverse dining options, including the Hyatt hall on the third floor, there is a wonderful parody and folk performances “Maximo Oliveros mother retro party” buffet feast; or reservation on the second-floor restaurant table with food and an exquisite little extra special surprise gift. There are three Baguette Bakery festival gift ‧ limited cake with sweet pet Mommy! all events launch on Special Days
* “Mommy pet” SPA project
on the fifth floor, Oasis Spa launched to celebrate Mother’s Day “Mummy pet” project price NT $ 3,960, to between 1 May 14 date to sell limited. Including complementary physical and mental energy, new look from the inside out 60 minutes ultimate healing soothing massage, 30 minutes Broadwood sauna experience, the first 15-minute massage welcome tea, petal foot bath and relaxing massage to relieve small point.

Meanwhile, the purchase of Oasis Spa Mother’s Day “Mummy pet” project, then bonus worth NT $ 968 element of Kifissia B guest house afternoon tea (term ending May 31, 2017), a limited number available on all flights.

* Something New mother retro party
May 14 Mother’s Day was held in Grand Hyatt Taipei Grand Hyatt hall “Something New Love” Mother’s Day luncheon, with the theme of retro elegance, offers a buffet of delicacies, with live mimicry and folk concert, invites you to spend a cozy holiday with Mummy!

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