Service Marketing

Service marketing

Modern marketing services model has two basic requirements, it is necessary to create the value of customer satisfaction, the second is to do database processing customers. Such as Haier first proposed “human single one”, “I came to realize you design” activities, and build a complete mental characteristics of marketing management system is fundamental to good service marketing.

Service marketing model has the following points.

Service Mode immobilized. The immobilization refers to the provision of services to execute consistent, should not in fits and starts. Fundamentally speaking service is a product of an important window to show the kind of guerrilla-style service would rather not, otherwise, the most dangerous is the final product itself.

Service Mode vivid. The so-called vivid refers to all services should focus on “Wisdom and Faith” These values start. Previous companies often claims to have after-sales service, regular follow-up visits by telephone, but this means of communication via telephone lines, far failed to meet increasingly demanding customer consumer psychology. This requires companies to approaching customers, listen to the voice of the customer, learn to use social media, etc. to provide the heart of intimate family-oriented entertainment communication.

Service model diversification. In the past, some companies to easily free experience a generous, large-scale promotions and other activities, were the first very loud, but the brand promotion and sales promotion effect is very limited. Instead, companies have initiated a number of interactive public activities, but rather to quickly improve product visibility and reputation, to minimize the cost to obtain maximum results.

Service model professional. Take the health industry, chronic illness into a good doctor, most of the health care needs of customers are on their own physical condition have a certain understanding. To this end, the formation of a truly professional standard of health services team, is the top priority of enterprises.

You can also open your mind, for example, set up their own biological Grenada fan organization – consumer associations, elected among members of President, Vice President, allow members to self-management, and the virtues of wine from the sea customer conducted a search for product advisor activity, allowing them to participate in promotional activities in the planning management, so as to change the effect of the product by the company in charge of the traditional one used to judge the right to the customer, by the customer’s own approved products, nature can survive in the market . With this new service model right kind of inverted, the experiential marketing, word of mouth on its head.

Sixth, the difference demands

Get rid of scale in the trend of the times, how to optimize survival, innovation? Only having to develop more topics and influence the content of products, integration of resources and enhance their own hematopoietic function, and promote the advantages of regeneration.

Popular, the best ways of doing business enterprise is a period of change: businesses will have a story, the boss can tell a story, the team can sell the story, such as: millet Internet thinking and fans community, ** Gree, Huawei and other cautionary statements wake . Thus, taking into consideration whether a product has marketing advantages, the key is whether the product differentiation through campaigns to highlight their value.

 Implement differentiated marketing strategy to meet customers’ diversified and personalized product demand, changing the traditional price-based competition means to value-based differentiation strategy. The main difference from two aspects requirements: First, marketing product differentiation; such as the melatonin capsules and oral composite packaging; the second is marketing differentiation process.

Marketing, product differentiation depending on product demand level differences, customer demand for the product can basically be divided into the basic needs, the expected demand, additional demand and potential demand on several levels. Differentiated marketing process, the emphasis is product marketing, content creators, service forms, etc., enterprises should do to meet the level of the product, more thoughtful than the opponent; in the way of satisfaction, more creative than the opponent; meet speed, faster than the opponent

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Devaluation is nothing more than two effects, one is the price will go up, and the other is cash assets will shrink. Chinese investment are most concerned about, how to deal with Chinese investors devaluation, how to make financial management can maximize asset preservation? China Integrated Marketing Summit Forum President Lu Yongfeng this reason the analysis and interpretation of devaluation, trends and strategies.

6.9 precarious , RMB why the continued devaluation ?

RMB exchange rate pricing mechanism is the reference to a basket of currencies. In the three indices (CFETS RMB exchange rate index, BIS currency basket exchange rate index and the SDR currency basket exchange rate index) is relatively stable, if the dollar continued to strengthen the yuan will be relatively weak.

This round of large exchange rate adjustment, in addition to China’s economic slowdown, yuan and dollar spreads narrowed, global capital return to the US, China ‘s foreign exchange reserves continued to decline and other large background, accelerated depreciation of the RMB exchange rate in recent days, first Bertrand S & P came to power after the monetary policy changes to promote a stronger dollar, and thus the relative devaluation pressure increases;

followed by the impact of foreign trade, foreign trade situation is not good, foreign exchange reserves decreased manufacturing index undesirable affect the RMB exchange rate movements; again British pound tumbled off by the impact of Europe.

The British pound to new lows, the dollar rose, the RMB exchange rate; and finally join the SDR fluctuation caused by the yuan join SDR, relax on the official exchange rate regulation, giving way to the market, plus exchange rate fluctuations big is a normal phenomenon.

RMB will be long-term depreciation of it? 7 is unlikely to break

China’s economic fundamentals do not support the long-term exchange rate devaluation, we have concerns about the impact of exchange rate depreciation is unnecessary and excessive. RMB downward process, there may be short term “overshoot” situation, but changes in market supply and demand should be able to achieve in a relatively short period of time the exchange rate in the “two-way volatility” near equilibrium level, the central bank intervention to reduce the practice of completely correct.

However, Lu Yongfeng think in the long run, the central bank should continue to accelerate the reform, let the early realization of the RMB exchange rate to float freely, is expected to eliminate the root causes of the devaluation. If China’s economy stabilized, pressure on the government in the “steady growth” aspect weakening in the exchange rate will be more substantial fluctuations in the level of tolerance.

Since August, according to a series of Chinese economic data to determine if the Chinese economy in the years to break of 6.5% growth target has no suspense. This is the level of the RMB exchange rate the central bank provides more space, do not worry about exchange rate fluctuations, the average investor should not be a “fear of floating” excessive worry “a city of a pool of” gains and losses, but should focus on long-term trend of the RMB exchange rate .

Taken together, put pressure on the dollar, emotional instability of the moment, the RMB exchange rate depreciation are still some inertia, effective process needs to stabilize, however, still believe that the majority of the market mechanism,

before the end of the yuan break “7” is unlikely, a recent domestic economic fundamentals are steady for the better, remain high trade surplus, foreign exchange reserves are still abundant, can maintain the RMB exchange rate stable on the whole provide some support; two, to stabilize the market sentiment, to prevent runaway exchange rate depreciation in the vicinity of important psychological barrier the possibility of regulators shot holding stability remain. Recently, including including many foreign institutions have lowered expectations for the end of the RMB exchange rate, but generally agreed that the yuan will end in the vicinity of 6.9.

How to deal with the devaluation? Portfolio asset allocation

Recent policy level since monitoring began to strengthen, many people focus on exchange and buying groups ‘overseas’ insurance began to be restricted. Investors need to go to the future similar to the “Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect”, “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Link”, “Shanghai Lun Tong” and other existing and planned open investment channels; especially the demand for QDII (Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor) will continue increased, but the amount of current products and are limited, insurance-based QDII, fundthe Department of QDII, banking system QDII there are different levels of ceiling. Taken together, Lu Yongfeng said: in the domestic capital markets investors need to find another way out more.

  1. Overseas , global asset allocation

Now a growing number of high net worth Overseas personnel selection, like Los Angeles, Melbourne and Sydney as freehold, return on investment and other advantages of the Chinese people is very much welcome. But if the investor’s net assets may be invested one million yuan level not reached, or no travel, study abroad and so just, that devaluation impact on investors is not significant.

Faced with a wide variety of dollar assets, how to choose, so a lot of investment NPC headache. Costs, capital threshold is certainly a factor to be considered, but the most critical is, it should be based on their own investment categories, investment in the region, as well as their risk tolerance to select and properly consult a professional investment institutions.

Two offshore dollar settlement fund

Investors can invest directly in Hong Kong RMB qualified domestic institutional investor (QDII) fund portfolio Global Fund outside the territory of China, including stock or bond funds. The Hong Kong Monetary product information disclosure, and must be recognized by the SFC approval, practitioners must also be subject to Monetary Authority and the Securities Regulatory Commission regulation.

And the vast majority of funds are Hong Kong dollar as the settlement currency, a small part of the euro, Hong Kong dollar, British pound, Japanese yen, Australian dollar and other currencies. Types of funds have more choice, some bond funds Monthly Dividend Fund annual interest rate of 9%. Than the domestic US financial products or high-dollar deposit.

Three offshore bonds in US dollars

For those who prefer a more conservative fixed income class but investors can buy small excellent recommendation offshore sovereign bonds or bonds of listed companies. Most of the US dollar as the settlement currency, there are some in RMB, Euro, Hong Kong dollar and other currencies.

Buy bonds without incurring such as volatility, bond fund investment patterns on fund prices than like a bank deposit. Usually six months in arrears, by the more than 1 year to 10 years can be selected. Domestic sports brand Case 361 degrees bonds issued in Hong Kong, the current maturity rate of about 6%.

Four , holding a variety of foreign currencies, including Bitcoin and other

Devaluation of the RMB against the US dollar does not represent the US dollar against other currencies, it does not mean the dollar will remain strong, and therefore need to do a more comprehensive risk management. This year, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Australian dollar against the US dollar appreciation are holding foreign currencies, or buy more foreign currency assets category itself to form a hedge.

Five , holding gold

Recent gold price crash impact investor confidence, in fact, compared with the volatility of risky assets, gold price volatility can withstand ordinary investors, the price of gold daily ups and downs of the stock market more than 5% less than 1%.

Gold has a financial and monetary properties, the supply of natural limited, the price will be in a certain stage of adjustment, but there is no one kind of purchasing power of the currency sovereign credit history can be compared with gold. Hold some RMB-denominated gold assets, in responding to the RMB exchange rate fluctuations, after all, a safer choice.

Many people think that brand is a LOGO, like I said T-shirts, I hit a hook above twenty times the price can be, but is actually very complicated, of course, including products, product quality, customer service, customer experience and vesting many factors sense, as well as innovative ideas, culture, etc. combined company is the company’s

Speaker: And “world managers” publisher Pei grams president of Global Sources Corporate Affairs Mr.

Speaker Profile:

Pepples, Global Sources Corporate Affairs CEO Jane “world managers” publisher, responsible for the company in China’s leading business management magazine “world managers” of sales, marketing and operational matters while managing the global resources market marketing and communications work.

Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, thank you very much for supporting us Xiamen Municipal Government, I am very pleased to have this opportunity, our topic today is very important, is the brand strategy. For decades, China as the world’s factory, is obvious to a position, but we can see today, especially after the financial crisis, a lot of changes in the environment, as well as new challenges, of course.

we can also see the rapid domestic development in China the domestic market, but also to understand its importance today, especially after the financial crisis.

Whether it is from the government point of view, or from a business point of view, if today’s global economy, there is also a lot of data can show the importance of the domestic market, such as this year’s GDP, is the Chinese economy than in 2010 a little early last year increased by 10%, and in urban residents per capita income has increased by 11%.

Made in China brand development and status of China

Of course, as an export base for China in many large buyers mind is occupied a very large place, and although growth slowed down in recent years, but still a very high number, and if it is then compared to other markets , it is smaller than any other market, but there are still a lot of pressure.

As a supplier, you are faced with rising costs, RMB appreciation, as well as raw materials, labor and other upward pressure, as well as liquidity is more intense, many companies know only one way out, that is, in order to way to move up the value chain, which is actually a very important factor in the brand, but it also can not ignore the concept of the consumer some information,

I mean not only the consumers overseas consumers, even domestic consumer demand has also in a lot of changes, it will become increasingly demanding, both in terms of product quality, or functional point of view, there are cost-effective, value their own requirements are very demanding, but also more sensitive.

So over the years as the world’s factory, many domestic enterprises like walking a line, the so-called brand. They know best, to an ordinary T-shirt clothes produced in the above hit a hook, you can increase the price several times, it seems very simple, but very encouraging, but in fact how to do it now we want to explore the issue.

We have long known that the brand can accelerate purchasing decisions, but also can bring a lot of factors other than the kind of product, and I emphasize it added value. If the brand is actually a company’s assets, is an asset beyond the scope of the product as a media, we publish “world managers”, “world managers” is a window, we could hear or see Chinese companies thought to what extent,

I like to share some of the research results, this research is carried out in recent months, we found that 70% of companies surveyed believe that China establish its own brand manufacturing is very important. Next, we asked them what kind of business plan, found that more than half of the enterprises must have some concrete plans of the brand, and there is about one-third is under consideration, it seems, indeed in many domestic brands the eyes of the boss plays a major role. But we must recognize that there are many restraining factors, currently in the country is not easy to have a real brand success stories, these environmental conditions,

Which include some of it? 

For example we know that China’s domestic production of traditional, if their own position to stay in low-cost production base, it will cause a lot of price competition, while at home or in the Asian context, the concept of intellectual property is not so strong, so often I spent a lot of money to develop a good product or a brand, maybe the next day who will be robbed of the case. Or you can go to think about the historical aspects, the Asian Silk Road is a few thousand years of trade quotient history.

Traders less concerned about the producers, who produce this product is not mind, it is the product determines its value. Now many companies want me to change overnight, I want to focus on the brand, but there are a lot of errors, you may first major misunderstanding, many people think that brand is a LOGO, like I said T-shirts, I beat up a hook can price increases twenty times,

But in fact is very complicated, of course, a number of factors including the products, product quality, customer service, customer experience and a sense of belonging, as well as innovative ideas, culture, etc. combined company is the company’s brand . Shanghai Institute had commented on a few domestic enterprises, they do not know the brand does not have the same as having a good brand, and perhaps the only solution is more reference to some cases of it.

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