The Life Of The Siberian Husky Puppies

husky puppies

Why The Siberian Husky Puppies are favorite?

Siberian Husky Puppies, or Siberian sled dogs (English name: Siberian husky), commonly Husky, common name for the two Kazakhstan. Siberian sled dogs weighing between male and female 20-27 kg, female dog 16-23 kg, height about male dog height 53-58 cm, female 51-56 cm, is a medium-sized dogs.

Siberian sled dogs are the original old breeds, living in the northeastern part of Siberia and the southern part of Greenland. The origin of the name of the husky is derived from its unique hoarse voice.

Husky personality changeable, and some extremely timid, and some extreme violence, into the mainland and the family of Husky, have no such extreme character, more gentle, is a popular dog in the world.

And golden dog, Labrador tied for the three non-attack type dogs. Is widely cultured around the world, and on a global scale, there are a lot of races of the breed.

Siberian sled dogs are very close to the wolf’s blood breeds, so the shape is very like a wolf, with thicker than most dogs are hair, hair

Husky’s morphological features

Color is roughly divided into black, gray, brown (light brown is also known as the dream color), pure white (very few) four, of course, these colors are usually mixed with white hair at the same time.

Husky eyes are pure brown and pure blue, allowing one eye brown one eye blue. Husky’s front page, commonly known as face, usually cross face, peach face, three fire, the Mediterranean four.

It is worth mentioning that the “blue eyes, three fire”, blue eyes refers to the eyes are blue; three fire refer to the forehead of the three white tracks, looks like three burning flames.

“Blue eyes, three fire” was once mistaken for the criteria of the Husky, in fact, this is not to judge the quality standards of Husky, and vice versa is the popularity of Huskies is the precedent of blood, race class Husky on the very few “blue eyes, Three fire” the existence of more than two brown eyes.

Because Siberian sled dogs and wolves are very similar to the appearance, we see the movie most of the wolves are husky play, so husky and wolves look more like the better.