The Wonderfull Black People Piercing Hairstyles

In addition to thin and thin, black boys haircuts is very dry, so combing and modeling are very inconvenient.

How The Black Peoples shampoo Their Hairs?


Every time you wash your head you need to use hair cream, hair oil for care and stereotypes. In order to save trouble, most African men will choose to cut into bald, while women are short hair. The beauty of the black will stay long hair, and then compiled into braids.

Because if the black hair is long and do not braid into a braid, a long time, you can with our home brush pot of steel balls have a fight Well, the question came, this head of the plump braid, split up it is not very troublesome? Really like rumors, black people will be a month to wash it?

Have a little older students do not crazy, Xiao Bian now can be very clear to tell you, stay pigtail head of the black is to wash your hair! Although not every day to wash, but pay attention to the point of the three or two days will wash once.

You do not have to worry about their demolition of pigtail and bar pigtail pain, because they do not wash their brains when the braids! Yes, wash directly!

This braid is very very tightly tied (do not they hurt the scalp), as long as it is careful, but not rubbing will not loose, and then use a lot of water to wash the shampoo can be. Can not believe it can shampoo it, or else you have a braid test?

Usually No Braids Scattered Them Will Change The New Hairstyle 


Look, each little pigtail work fine fine ↓ ↓, it is said that a good braid, according to the degree of braid thickness, need to use 3 to 10 hours.

Because of the long time, guests who do this hairstyle must make an appointment in advance and start doing it by 10:30 am that day.

Of course, the price of the hair is also a lot of money, fine points, good work braids are more than 1,000 yuan!

Said above, black hair is difficult to clean and care, so stay long hair is a relatively painful process. So the vast majority of we saw the black pig with a pigtail, are more like to use a wig , both to meet the beautiful needs, but also save time and time.

Black braid experienced, superior technology, braids when the brackets are directly tied to the volume of their real hair, not our kind of cover on the head of the wig Oh, completely natural over, the effect of just like their own long The same hair.

This kind of fake braids of black people rarely shampoo, because usually no braids scattered them will change the new hairstyle . The money point of the month for a time, no money how to have a change for three months, or else the smell can not make people close, more concentrated perfume will be invalid.